We thank God for keeping us to this day. I feel very particularly honoured that this church, the St. Cyprian’s church, would honour me and make me the Grand Harvester for this year’s harvest.

Well, this is to harvest a crop; what is more important for me is to harvest souls. It said in the Bible that when you harvest souls the heaven rejoices. And the only way to harvest souls properly is by showing love. When you show love you harvest souls.

There is a story I like to tell whenever I have the opportunity to do something such as this. I like to talk about the last supper painting, which is a true life story.

The LAST SUPPER PAINTING as you all know was done by Leonardo da Vinci. Now, when the artist was called upon to do the painting, he had to depict Good – in the person of Jesus Christ, and to depict Evil – in the image of Judas, the friend and disciple who decided to betray Jesus Christ.

Now one day, while listening to the choir, he found in one of the boys the perfect image for Christ; and so He invited the young man to his studio and made studies and sketches of the young man.

Three years had gone by. The Last Supper painting was almost complete, but Leonardo the artist had still not found the perfect image for Judas. But of course, the cardinal of the church had started putting him under pressure, time was running, the painting had to be finished.

After several other days spent vainly searching, the artist came across a prematurely aged young man, in rags and lying drunk in the gutter. With some difficulty, he persuaded his assistants to bring the young man straight to the church. He didn’t have much more time left; and then he propped the young man up a little bit and the artist was able to copy the lines of impiety, the lines of sin and the lines of egotism all clearly etched on the features of this young man.

Just as he was done, the young man had sobered up a little bit, and opened his eyes and saw the painting before him; and he said:

“Oh, I have seen this painting before!” he exclaimed. And Leonardo the artist was surprised and asked
“How? Where?”

He said “three years ago, when I was a young man singing in the choir and my whole life was ahead of me, full of dreams, the artist had invited me to pose as the perfect image of Jesus Christ”

So you find that the same person who three year ago the artist had used as the face of Christ was the young man he found in the gutter three years after and then tried to use that same young man as the face of evil.

It tells you that when we do not show love that is what can happen to our own. When the young man was full of life, when society cared about him, he was wonderful singing in the choir. when life was out of him, he was found drunk in the gutter. It tells us that we always should care.

On this note I make my harvest.




As long as the earth remains… Seed time and harvest will never cease. (Gen. 8:22)

“With heart full of Thanksgiving, the grand harvester of the great day sits in the Holy Temple before the Supreme Being.”

What is life without God, what meanings are there in the struggles of man without God? God is all in all to us and Chief Lulu-Briggs can’t get tired of expressing God’s wonders and grace.

In keeping faith with the tradition and legacy of his father (High Chief O. B. Lulu-Briggs) Chief DLB responded to the divine call which required him to stand in God’s holy temple as the grand harvester of the 2017 annual Harvest Thanksgiving tagged Harvest of Faith at the St. Cyprian’s Anglican Church, 37 Hospital Road Port Harcourt. Standing on his passionately held principle of ‘God first before all other things’, Chief Lulu-Briggs dwelled together in peace and harmony with other God’s elect including His. Excellency, Fmr. Deputy Governor of Rivers State, Chief Gabriel T. G. Toby before embarking on other businesses of the day.

As typical of this compassionate and humble child of the Most High God, his message of the day was that of love. In a very short speech, he enjoined all Christians to acknowledge the fact that harvest also symbolizes winning souls for Christ. He then stated that love is the most veritable tool for converting men to godliness. It is therefore a spiritual obligation for Christians to express love to all persons irrespective of their economic disparities and social classes. He described the invitation as a rare privilege and a great honor that comes with great blessings.

Indeed, it was a day full of Thanksgiving and blessings for all.
All glory to the Most High God.



On Tuesday 24th of October 2017, Seplat, an independent indigenous Nigerian upstream exploration and production company with a focus on Nigeria, organised a dinner to host industry players at the Oil and Gas Conference in Cape Town, South Africa.

At the dinner were the Renowned Rivers State born business mogul and oil magnate; Chief (Barr.) Dumo Lulu-Briggs and his business associates; including the Minister of State for Petroleum, Professor Ibe Emmanuel Kachikwu;

Osten Olorunsola, former head of the Department of Petroleum Resources (DPR), board member of Niger Delta Exploration & Production Plc (NDEP) and Chairman, Energy Institute;

Mr. Austin Avuru, Chief Executive Officer, Managing Director Seplat Petroleum Development Company PLC;

Simbi Wabote, Boss of the Local Content Board.

Seplat is a very responsible and accountable corporate citizen that has impacted greatly on the economy of Nigeria. Beyond her primary focus on oil and gas, Seplat is a corporate social entity that is committed to propagating social values through maintaining excellent relationships with its communities and people.



Distinguished legal luminary and leading chieftain of the All Progressives Congress (APC) Rivers State, Chief Dumo Lulu-Briggs has congratulated elder statesman and a political titan in Rivers State, Chief Bekinbo Soberekon, on the occasion of his birthday recently.

Chief Dumo Lulu-Briggs gave the congratulatory felicitations during the birthday celebrations of the septuagenarian Chief Soberekon in Port Harcourt, describing the renowned Kalabari Ijaw politician and two-time gubernatorial candidate in previous governorship elections in Rivers State, popularly known as, ‘Soberekon for the Masses’, as a great man and pillar of the struggle for equity and fairness, who has devoted his whole political life for the emancipation of Rivers people.

Chief Lulu-Briggs, who expressed his goodwill felicitations, in an exclusive chat with newsmen said, “Chief Bekinbo Soberekon is an enigma. He is like a father to me and I mean father in every sense of the word. He is a man whose feelings you can almost touch and when he says something he goes for it. He has a passion for the youths and he wants young people to have a better life. This struggle for him is not just an Ijaw struggle but a Rivers struggle. It is a struggle to emancipate all of us from the things that have held us hostage and he has led from the front and been at it tirelessly, relentlessly to this day.

“Am so very glad that the Ijaw Project organization has decided to honour him on his birthday. It just goes to tell you that the work he has been doing over the years has not gone unnoticed. And even the young ones whom he has been fighting for over the years have recognized that they have a leader and a pillar and want to achieve that success to make him a happy man.

“He is a great man. I am happy to be sitting close to a great man”, Chief Dumo Lulu-Briggs enthused.

Responding to the many goodwill birthday wishes and his feelings about attaining this admirable height and seeing all the people gathered to celebrate him, particularly the celebration put together for him by the Ijaw Project organization, a highly appreciative and elated Chief Bekinbo Soberekon, expressed his heartfelt gratitude to all those who deemed it fit to grace the occasion, even as he reserved special praise for Chief Barr. Dumo Lulu-Briggs, whom he described as his son and a godly man, to have found the time, in spite of his very busy schedule to honour the event with his presence.

Chief Soberekon said, “I feel on top of the world today because I have been honoured by these young people, including Dumo Lulu-Briggs. I have been looking for these young people to have a new life and I know what can give them a new life, which I’ve been rooting for since. I see it possible now and God will do it now. So you can see how I feel, I feel on top of this world, because I’ve seen who and what can make these young guys get what they’re looking for. They are suffering like the hills. I have said it and I know. If I know the guy I’m talking about, he would make sure they are happy people. Happy people is what Bekinbo Alalibo Soberekon is looking for, happy people in Rivers State. Rivers people are sad and sick, so I’m a very happy man today, because I have seen the man who will bring back hope for them. I wish my birthday can come back again and again so I can say this whole thing over again,” the elder statesman gushed.

On the speculations that age and his many bruising political battles may have diminished his verve and passion for the struggle, Chief Soberekon had this to say, “I cannot be tired, never. See, they called me ‘Soberekon for the Masses’, I did not call myself ‘Soberekon for the Masses’. It’s the young people who called me ‘Soberekon for the Masses’ and every moment of this struggle gives me joy and I wait for that moment that will make them happy. My advice is for young people to take life and their destiny in their hands, to go for it for themselves. Even the Bible said it, go for it and you’ll get it. I want the young people to go for it, fight for it and God will support them. This is where I stand; this is what I stand for. Even when it’s so impossible, I believe in it, if you can fight for it then go for it. This is what it is,” he charged.


It is with a huge sense of propriety and personal satisfaction that I sincerely felicitate with Rivers people and heartily congratulate Your Excellency, Ambassador Oji Nyimenuate Ngofa on your well-deserved appointment by President Muhammadu Buhari, GCFR, as Nigeria’s Ambassador to the Netherlands.

Ambassador, you are without doubt a distinguished Rivers man, whose personality and impressive track record, both in public and private service, have established you as a solid and cerebral individual deserving of the high responsibility you have been saddled with.

An illustrious son of Aleto, in Eleme Local Government, you have distinguished yourself as a tried and tested politician, who has served meritoriously and with distinction in various administrative capacities, including, the office of National Deputy Secretary of the All Progressives Congress (APC) and Chairman of Eleme LGA on various occasions, where your excellent service defined you as an astute leader and administrator, a well-loved grassroots mobilizer, a man of the people, a loyal and committed ally and party man.

On this occasion, I felicitate with our undisputed party leader, our beacon of hope and justice, our unparalleled and incomparable torch-bearer, His Excellency, Rt. Hon. Chibuike Rotimi Amaechi, the Minister of Transportation, for his devotion, commitment and unflinching crusade to ensure that distinguished, loyal and deserving sons and daughters of Rivers State are positioned for recognition at the national level.

His unshakable advocacy of “Rivers First” and his visionary role in our great party to continue to fight for equity and justice remain a guiding light for us as a people and a political party.

The Minister’s leadership excellence, ingenuity and integrity has been unequalled and exemplary. As an ally, he has always stood by his friends and given them the opportunity to rise to fame and prominence. As a political leader, he has displayed progressive direction, great wisdom and shown his followers the right way, led from the front in all political battles and made phenomenal and monumental sacrifices for Rivers people.

I am fully convinced that the leadership of Rt. Hon. Amaechi will take us to the promised land where equity, natural justice and fair judgment, will once again be brought to bear and ultimately lead APC to victory in Rivers State.

Once again, I congratulate you my good friend, Ambassador Oji Ngofa on your richly deserved appointment and posting. I have no doubts that you will justify your appointment on this new mandate and bring glory and honour to yourself, the APC family, our dear Rivers State and Nigeria.

God Bless APC
God Bless Rivers State
God Bless Nigeria.

Chief Dumo Lulu-Briggs


The best foundation any one can lay for the future is one erected on the platform of good education. This was the eloquent statement made by Platform Petroleum on Wednesday June 28, 2017 at the University of Nigeria, Nsukka.

Side view of the building

The occasion was the commissioning of a brand new, purpose-built Geosciences Department building donated by Platform Petroleum and built in honour of its pioneer Managing Director, Austin Avuru.

It was a momentous and joyous occasion that had the academic community of dons and students commending the oil company for providing a much improved teaching and learning environment for both the lecturers and students of the Department of Geology.

Cutting of the tape by the Honourable Minister, Dr. Ibe Kachikwu

It was equally auspicious on account of the fact that the facility was not only built and named in honour of an alumnus, it was also commissioned by another illustrious alumnus, Dr. Ibe Kachikwu, Honourable Minister of State for Petroleum Resources.

Speaking at the commissioning an obviously elated Austin Avuru said “look behind me and you will see my old department where I graduated from 37 years ago. It almost lost its academic accreditation, so when Platform Petroleum asked what they could do in my honour I did not hesitate. It came as a huge relief to the department.”

L-R: Orjiako, Chief (Barr.) Dumo Lulu-Briggs; Vice Chancellor, Austin Avuru; Dr. Ibe Kachikwu; HRM Dr. Edmund Daukoru and Engr. Osarienwen Owieadolor

The Vice Chancellor, Prof. Benjamin Chukwuma Ozumba, acknowledged that Platform Petroleum has indeed “provided a solution to the dearth of staff offices, classrooms, laboratories and workshop in our Department of Geology and established a platform for making the Department a global Centre of excellence in the study of Geosciences.”

Austin Avuru(R) with dignitaries at the event

In his own comments, Chief (Barr) Dumo Lulu-Briggs, Chairman of Platform Petroleum said the company took up the challenge because of their belief in qualitative education.

Chief (Barr.) Dumo Lulu-Briggs, Chairman Board of Directors, Platform Petroleum Limited

According to him “the more equipped our children are the more inspired they would be to move the country to greater heights.”

Dr Ibe Kachikwu commended Platform Petroleum for the gesture while calling on other corporate citizens and alumni of Nigerian institutions to emulated Platform.

L-R: Dr. Nwapa; Prof Kalu Mosto; Austin Avuru; Nathaniel Ibini; Austin Abaneme; Moshe Amaechi


“The building is not significant only in terms of the mortar and bricks. It is significant in terms of what message it is sending. The message is that graduates of Nigerian Universities who study in the best schools and the best environments can produce the best results.”

L-R: Engr Osariewen Owieadolor; Chief (Barr.) Dumo Lulu-Briggs; & Austin Avuru

The new building is larger and more conducive than the old departmental building and according to the Acting Group Managing Director of Platform, Moshe Amaechi, the idea is to “increase the quality of learning in the university and enhance the quality of education for the staff and students of the Department of Geology.”

Conference Hall

And as if echoing that sentiment, a student said “we are very, very happy about the building because it is going to create a lot of things we didn’t have before.”

Engr. Longfellow Atakele; Engr. Osariewen Owieadolor; Akindele Ono; HRM Dr. Edmund Daukoru; Senator Bassey Henshaw; Anne Ene-Ita

Platform Petroleum Group of Companies is an indigenous exploration and production oil and gas producing companies in Nigeria, who are committed to giving back to the society through its Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) program.

Lecture room




Praise the Lord, He said you’ll walk through the waters, it will not overwhelm you…

We were coming from Bayelsa State to Port Harcourt”, but just before we took off, Nims Ogbunge, who is a Pastor said to me “NATCO (National Coordinator) you haven’t prayed. Please let’s pray.” I replied him saying, ‘why didn’t you say this earlier? The Deputy Governor is going.’ He just said “NATCO please let’s pray.” Anyway, the Deputy Governor drives off, and I’m there and Nims held onto the door and said “NATCO we just have to pray.” I said ok, let’s pray quickly; and we just prayed quickly. Thank God for that prayer.

On our way back, Alabo Graham Douglas called me and we spoke on the phone. Alabo was the last person I spoke with, and I dosed off.All of a sudden, I heard a screech grrrrh gbosa!!! I said Jesus! Jesus!! Jesus!!! Jesus!!!! Then I didn’t hear anything again. I raised my head up; we were going down into the Mbiama River. I couldn’t say anything. You know accidents happen so quickly there’s no time to repent. And I want to say that it’s by Grace, it’s not because at that time I was ready for all of this. The next thing we went into the River. He says, He uses the foolish things to confound the wise. Guess what I did, I held my nostrils, I didn’t know how long I was going to be there in the river, anyway all I can remember was gurn! gurn!! and I passed out.


Anyway, somehow I saw myself get to a place that looked like an arrival point but there were no buildings, and I said ‘Ah! Am I dead? Maybe am dead o!’ and then I saw myself again inside the river, I didn’t know it was a river, I thought it was like a gutter that I was in, and then I started feeling peace. I’m telling you angels are real. I didn’t see them but I felt peace, I felt peace, and all of a sudden something pulled me out into the river and there was light. So I can boldly say, ‘I have seen the light, the light of God, I have seen the light o amen, amen!’

Now, my people say when I fell into that river, after like 15 minutes they didn’t see the bubbles again. The Deputy Governor and all those from Bayelsa came back, and were now trying to locate the car but they didn’t find the car. One of our security people went to the other side of the river and was talking to the boys and they said, “Ah, Those people! Their body go float for night, make we wait for their corpse.” It’s now one hour, everybody’s crying, some people came from Port Harcourt, “Joi is dead and Ah!” I’m telling you, as I am standing right here now the car is under the river.

Somehow for me I saw bundles of snakes, but there was light around me they didn’t come close to me, they all swam. I was still saying Jesus, Jesus, Jesus. I don’t know if I was talking or if it was my mind, but I was still saying Jesus!!! He said “he that calls on the name of the Lord shall be delivered, he that calls on the name of the Lord shall be saved.” I still remember saying that. Then I came up the water. They say if you come up two, three times you won’t drown or so, after that you’ll drown. I didn’t know that, but when I came up the water the first time I saw the world, then I was going down again, but that light came under my feet and began to push me up again.

Now these young boys by the river side, said when they saw me, they knew that person has survived, as no one had survived the Mbiama River, but this time the water, the waves were moving and then they jumped in and rescued me. When the boys jumped into the river, I looked at them and said, ‘these boys who are they?’ I thought I was dreaming, then I entered their canoe. See how God handles you… the journey to the shore was like 18 hours, they (the boys) kept saying “madam strong your mind well well! Strong your mind, you no go die!”

Now, I was bleeding from my nose, there was broken limbs, they carried me, they tried to put me in an helicopter, we didn’t find a way into Agip. Nims Ogbunge was calling and said Ah! They said go to Agip the helicopter is waiting; then they said Mutu Simonum is now waiting, he flew to the international airport. Mutu they said he was waiting, he kept calling and calling. I heard them discussing with Mutu Simonum. I heard them say… he was screaming “where is she? Come, we’re at the airport, forget Agip just come.

Jehovah didn’t want me to be on that flight, because we didn’t understand that if you’re distressed you shouldn’t really board a plane. God just took over. Anyway the driver didn’t know the way to the international airport so they said ok, just drive straight to Shell; and to God be the glory here I am today. I just want to say Thank You. That, if He (God) can bring me out from that situation, there’s no situation He can’t bring you from.

So, I just wanna thank God for it, and I want to encourage everyone that it’s only by Grace. It’s by Grace that we’re born again, and for Francesca and I, we’ve been going around testifying; all over Nigeria we’ve gone to testify together. And I want to say that it’s Grace. The testimony here is not because we survived, the testimony is that we are now born again Christians, and Heaven will rejoice because we are born again. Thank you very much.



FRANCESCA SAMBO – Kenya Airway Plane Crash Survivor
Spent 24 hours in the Atlantic ocean


Wow! I am always so excited about giving this testimony because God indeed truly favoured me if not I won’t be here today.

About 17 years ago, in the year 2000, on the 30th of January precisely, I survived a plane crash. I boarded a flight from Dubai with my best friend then, because she didn’t make it. We were coming all the way from Dubai. We left Nigeria to Dubai to go for some shopping and on our way back from Dubai, we got to Kenya, we got to Nigeria, but we could not land in Nigeria because of the bad weather, so we went on to Ivory Coast to drop the passengers in Ivory Coast; and on the way back from Ivory Coast, five minutes after take off, the plane plunged into the Atlantic Ocean. You know when you take off from Ivory Coast, you actually cross the Atlantic ocean to your destination.

Now this is the beginning of my testimony. When I boarded that flight, I sat at the beginning of Economy on that flight because it was meant to be free sitting, but due to some arguments with passengers that actually had that seats, we now ended up sitting on row 24E & F, which was by the wing of the plane. We met people sitting down there, and the air Hostess came and organised everything and asked them to leave and we sat down there. Just before we took off, while the plane was taxing, I looked at my best friend because she was sat next to me, she was sleeping, and I kept looking at her as the plane was taking off. I looked at her like seven times and I took my face away. Just as I took my face away, I heard a noise in the plane like boom!!! And I was like ‘ah ah, what’s this?’ As you know very well, when you board a plane, they put off the lights, just the emergency exit lights are on. So I shouted. I was like ah! But there was no so much fear in me because I never thought that plane was going to crash. Before we knew it, I heard another loud noise again and people started shouting, and I went like ‘arh!’ again. Before I could finish saying that ‘ah’, I didn’t remember what happened again. All I remember was that I was feeling severe pains. It was like someone took my head and was banging it straight on the wall. So apparently the plane was dropping from the sky, the engines had failed, and before you knew it I passed out. I became unconscious. I didn’t even know where I was.

All of a sudden I gained my consciousness. I didn’t even know I was under the ocean drowning. Apparently I woke up from my unconsciousness under the water. So when the plane plunged into the Atlantic Ocean. You can imagine a big air bus 7 7 dropping from the sky, everything was dropping from the plane, of course I didn’t even think the plane was crashing until I came out of that water. All I remembered was that I passed out, I woke up from my unconsciousness, I thought I was dying in my sleep because I was struggling to breathe under the water. I didn’t even know I was under the water. I actually almost stopped breathing. If I had stayed in that water for like three minutes more, that would have been it. But all of a sudden just before I stopped breathing, my head just hit the surface of the water, gasping for air. You know the way it is when you come out of water, I like breathed really strong because I felt I was going to die; and I heard people shouting.

Now, the first thing is, God positioned me because I sat at the beginning of Economy and before you knew it, argument brought me to row 24E & F. God had already set it to bring me out of that accident but I didn’t know that.
Anyway, I heard people shouting. And by the way, we were 179 that boarded that flight, but only 10 of us survived. 169 of the passengers died.

So immediately, I came out of the water, I laid on the water like I was lying on the bed, I didn’t even know how I did that. I just heard people shouting. All I started shouting that moment was, ‘father, Lord, bring me out of here, I don’t want to die like this’. I started looking for something to grab unto. I saw a one thing floating on the water, I grabbed onto it, I saw something else I left it, until finally I saw that board where the oxygen mask drops from, floating on the water, so I held on to it. I now started saying ‘God I don’t want to die like this. You must bring me out of this water. For the sake of my family, just bring me out..

All of a sudden everywhere went quiet. I thought I was the only one staying there, as in floating in that water. I tried to swim but each time I tried to swim the wave throws me back. I didn’t know we were in the Atlantic Ocean. I now started shouting, ‘is anybody there?’ And then I heard two guys answered me. They said “we are here! Find something to hold unto.” So I said to them precisely ‘pray, pray pray! God says where two or three is gathered in His name, He is there. You people should pray.’
So, I started shouting the blood of Jesus! The blood of Jesus! Once in a while I called unto these guys. they said they are still here.

I started looking around, I didn’t even see like rescue coming. I just saw planes flying around because it was very close to the airport, but they were very high. So I just kept shouting ‘the blood of Jesus’, and after a while I tried to swim because we were there for hours. At some point I was actually very cold. I could not even hold unto that board anymore. I had bruises all over, I couldn’t see with one of my eyes, it was shut from the impact. So I actually thought I was blind. I now called on to these guys again, they said ‘they were still here’ and I just kept saying ‘you people should pray! God says where two or three are gathered HE is there.’ And all of a sudden I tried to move forward but the wave threw me back but I still hung on to the board. I now said something to God. I said ‘God I am cold, I need You to keep me warm’, because I couldn’t hold my board… and I had this feeling around me that God wanted to save me but was still afraid as human.

All of a Sudden, I saw helicopters hovering around in the air, like three of them, and then I was screaming of course. I didn’t know whether they saw us but I was just waving and screaming. I saw the helicopters going around in circles and their beam flashing on the Sea. I heard those guys screaming help help! And they went around in their circle, the three helicopters, and then went away. I thought that was the end; and then I screamed really loud as I thought that was the end. I said God I’m not going to allow you let me die like this! You must bring me out of this water. And these were my words precisely. I said ‘God you must bring me out of this water for the sake of my parents, my family, you must bring me out of this water. I’m not going to allow you let me die like this! In the mean time, there were dead bodies around me because each time I turn to my left I see a body, I turn to the right I see another body. Initially I was afraid but after a while I needed to survive.

About 45 minutes after the helicopters left, I saw a boat coming, like a tug boat not too far and not too close. And I screamed help!!! Apparently the man on the boat saw me and started moving towards me. So I tried to swim, but the man screamed and said ‘don’t swim, just wait!’ So immediately, they moved closer to me, they tied a rope to a life buoy, flung it at me and pulled me closer. As they pulled me closer, they pulled me on the boat. Even to pull me that night was tough apparently because we were on the Atlantic ocean. They put me on the boat and sat me on the deck. I was now asking the man ‘am I blind?’ The man laughed and said “no you are not blind but you look like someone just gave you a big blow on your eyes.” So the guy carried me and sat me on the deck and started looking for others. Then I said to him ‘my best friend is there, she is wearing this this clothes’ and the guy looked at me and said “my dear you are a very lucky girl. So far you are the first one person we’ve rescued.” So they put me on the boat and they went on to rescue others. They rescued us. We were 10 of us. They took us out, and we were taken into the hospital. It took almost an hour from shore to get there. And that was how God rescued me.

Like I said, we were 10 of us that survived. Then I started asking God ‘who am I (its not like I’m more righteous than the others) that you brought me out of this, that you showed me so much love? Then God began to say to me that see “I don’t see you the way you see yourself. My love abounds, is beyond measures. I will show mercy to whom I will show mercy not because you are this or you are that. It’s not your righteousness. It’s my righteousness, it’s my mercy and it is my grace.”

I’m so grateful to God. Everyday my life is a testimony. Because of His love I am standing here today. Because of His favour I can give this testimony. I just want to say ‘father again and again I will always return all the glory to you in Jesus Name.’


Praise the Lord!!!