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Chief Dumo Lulu-Briggs has congratulated Muslims for a successful end of Ramadan and for the celebration of the Eid-el-fitr. The statesman and a  member of the All Progressives Congress, joined Muslim faithfuls in solidarity, as he expressed his noble thoughts and sincere wishes for Nigeria and Nigerians.

While advising Nigerian youths, especially the Muslim faithfuls to celebrate the Ramadan holiday with the spirit of harmony, love and joy, Chief Dumo Lulu-Briggs noted that, in the face of glaring challenges, it is worthwhile for the Faithful to utilize this period to solemnly pray for peace and unity in the country.

He also expressed his thoughts of goodwill to the Nigerian senior national football team, the Super Eagles, currently in Russia for the 2018 football World Cup tournament and appealed to Nigerians to remember them in prayers.

Chief Dumo Lulu-Briggs said: “According to the Islamic tradition, today the 15th day of June marks the end of a month long fast which automatically paves way for the Eid-el-fitr celebrations. Muslims all over the world are expected to take full advantage of the holy periods to ask The Almighty Allah for His blessings. I call upon young Nigerians to enjoy the Ramadan holiday with peace, love and joy. I also enjoin all Muslim faithfuls and all other Nigerians to seize the divine opportunity to pray for the country and for those charged with the responsibility of piloting her affairs. In the spirit of nationalism, I believe that our nation will be well represented in Russia 2018, I therefore call on Nigerians home and abroad to remember our football heroes in their prayers.

He further added: “Eid-el-fitr provides us another opportunity to express love and goodwill to our neighbors. By the sacredness of the season and by God’s eternal grace for mankind, we are not allowed to nurture hate but to radiate peace and allow for the atmosphere of progress in our country. This time is for us to reinforce our beliefs in tolerance and patriotism as the basic pre-requisites for realizing a truly united Nigeria with one people spirit.

“May the teachings of the season engrave in us the the understanding that together as one, we shall easily surmount our challenges”.

DLB Media Team