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Generation Now Summit is a program that was inspired by the need to explore practical and socially progressive ways for today’s youths to deal with the social dynamics of the current time and to gain competitive edge through sound value orientation, application of innate abilities and acquisition of more globally relevant skills. There is a growing concern that the realization of the desired future depends on the readiness of the youths to embrace the opportunities that abound. The summit is therefore a full pack of intellectual crux for encouraging creativity and to communicate the right types of value to the people.

The event which took place on Thursday 30th of November 2017, at The Arena Event Place, 30 Tombia Street, GRA, Port Harcourt, witnessed an impressive line-up of influential opinion leaders, field experts, moral talkers and public analysts including:

Dr Idah Peterside
Anointed Enoh
Dr. Alfred Oladapo
Veteran NollyWood Artist, Hilda Dokubo
Frekky Essien
Aduratomi Bolade
Chuma Nnoli the master of occasion
Mr. Charles O’Tudor and the esteemed Port Harcourt industrialist, youths mentor and human capacity builder, Chief Dumo Lulu-Briggs.

The summit which was convened by the Port Harcourt Radio personality and renowned MC/OAP, Mr. Kofi Bartels on the platform of Generation Africa, covered an array of topics that touched on potentials discovery, capacity building, mindset adjustment/reorientation, positive aspiration, value system, patriotism and public participation.

Key points of the day are:

“If you’re gonna create your future, it’s about power and there are three types of power; Positional power (temporary) Ascribed power (withdrawable) and Expertise power (power that makes you indispensable). ~ Dr. Alfred Oladapo

Everybody has something to give out; there’s a skill deposited in every man by God. Look for it and develop it, advertise it and make yourself bankable. ~ Hilda Dokubo

Every individual is a brand. Once people come in contact with you, there’s something they’re buying; either integrity or dishonesty.
~ Mr. Charles O’Tudor.”

You cannot outsource your future and the best way to predict your future is to create one now.
~ Anointed Enoh

What is the future that you have framed for yourself? ~ Frekky Essien

The climax of the event was the delivery of a lecture titled Creating the Future by Chief Dumo Lulu-Briggs.

The following are the salient points of the lecture which lasted for about 40 minutes:

1. We all have been created and equipped by God to succeed.

2. We want a better NIGERIA; a Nigeria that works for all of us.

3. A better Nigeria is an environment that is conducive to success.

4. Creating a better Nigeria means creating a better Environment for us to live and to operate in.

5. Youthfulness is a fluid concept referring to the state of the mind; it’s not a time of life.

6. The youths can be the engine for national development.

7. In most countries of the world, the youths are marginalized and excluded from governance.

8. No matter who you are or who you may be, you can do something to change Nigeria for the better.

9. The greatest impediments to the contributions of the youths in making Nigeria better is attitude.

10. You have to reach beyond your fears. A lot of people fear that the system is too hot; the players are too violent. But I will say to you that they are only taking advantage of your fears. Those who perpetrate violence are less than one percent of the entire population. So, about 99 percent are afraid of just one percent of the population.

11. You have to move from being the sideliner into the play-field.

12. What ought to be can never be for free; you have to work for it.

13. And to all of us, our greatest responsibility is to develop the next generation. When you build the individual you build the society.

Chief Lulu Briggs ended the highly educative lecture with an intercessory prayer to the Almighty God for Rivers State and for Nigeria.

It is noteworthy that the Generation Now Africa considered the humanist, Chief Dumo Lulu-Briggs, worthy of an invaluable prize. The NGO therefore presented him with an award titled African Youths Champion Award in recognition of his selfless commitment to improving the lives of African youths in ways that have a lasting impact.

To God be the glory.

30th November 2017.