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Conferment of Chieftaincy titles on prominent sons

Yesterday was one of those significant days that enriches the Kalabari Sociocultural heritage and history, and adds lustrous value to our common existence as Rivers people. It wasn’t just about the conferment of Chieftaincy titles on our prominent sons; it is the unanimity, the total commitment to peace, popular acceptance and the apparent display of communal love. Together with the Amayanabo of Abonnema, HRM King (Barr.) Disrael Bob-Manuel (II), Ekineye Gbobo, Owukori IX, and the members of Abonnema Council of Chiefs of the great Kalabari Kingdom, we jointly carried out the traditional task of conferring Chieftaincy titles on our sons; Chief Richmond Iwo Danagogo, Chief Toby Ogbotubo Kalaotaji and Chief Ogaji Bob-Manuel. These installations are part of the healing process that is ongoing in Abonnema and I am deeply glad that we are making progress in rekindling our affinity and oneness as a people. May God Almighty continue to help us as we put people first in our considerations.
Sokari Benita Briggs, Everest David Ovi and 532 others


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Chief O. B. Lulu-Briggs Kalabari Cultural Day

I will never get tired of celebrating my father because I know for sure that he lives in our hearts. His marks are indelible and his great legacies, incontrovertible. My beloved father brought honor and respect to his family and we can’t thank him enough for his sacrifices.
He loved humanity and his community. It therefore makes sense to make his memorial ceremonies about the people. The Chief O. B. Lulu-Briggs Kalabari Cultural Day that we have started will always serve as an important avenue to advance community love, strengthen social harmony and inspire greatness by discovering talents and building capacities.
I am most grateful to everyone who one way or another contributed to the success of this maiden edition. We will ensure continuity and favorable modifications with time in line with basic social needs and dynamics.
Keep enjoying the best of the season. Happy new year in advance my dear people.
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Many thanks to Heritage-Plus, the organizers of the Garden City Advancement Award and to everyone who considered me worthy of the honor as the Rivers Man of the year 2021.
Our society needs the blessings of God Almighty which I believe is far more accommodating than the reach of man! As individuals, we can only do the much we can.
Society has to be restructured to reverse the trend in which there are very many poor people, very many unemployed youth.
Our country is very rich in natural resources and the question is: Why are our people so poor? Is it because the people that control the country’s wealth have their eyes high up there?
The focus of governance should be on the grassroots, the ordinary people, the local communities. We need to reverse the condition where the country and the state are rich but our people are poor; where the government and companies are rich but their hosts are poor.
We need governance to be about the ordinary people of Rivers State – the people of Ahoada, the people of Bonny, the people of Obio-Akpor, the people of Khana, etc. What we have today is politics for township people, politics for the rich and super rich, politics for those who only want to take for themselves from the public coffers and keep the ordinary people perpetually impoverished.
Leadership should be about the local communities, about truth, not frills.
Governance should make the ordinary man and woman the start point of all developmental policies, strategies and action plans.
Political power should be put in the hands of the people. The people should be empowered to determine how politics is played; empowered to influence and benefit from the deployment of state resources. Political influence should be deliberately given to the local communities, we should take political power and influence from the ‘big oga dem’ and put in the hands of the ordinary people.
Politics should be about the people and the dividends of democracy should benefit everyone. Governance must be inclusive, the governor should only be a primus inter pares. Differences of opinion should not be construed as a declaration of enmity.
May God Almighty help our leaders to deliver, liberate and bless our state and country.
Thank you for this recognition and God bless you all.
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Chieftaincy Installation of Chief Dumo Lulu-Briggs-Live

Chieftaincy Installation of Chief Dumo Lulu-Briggs, Ebuye-Lulu (II), Iniikeiroari (VI) of Kalabari Kingdom, as the Paramount Head of Oruwari Briggs War Canoe House of Abonnema.

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DLB in Rhythm 93.7 Port Harcourt

Today, I was a guest at the Rhythm 93.7 Port Harcourt, and featured in a Saturday live program known as Viewpoint. I chose to make myself available for that program for two main reasons:

1. To set the records straight on issues concerning the position of my father’s mortal remains, the real reasons why he remains unburied as against all the spins and lies in circulation by my stepmother and her cohorts.

2. To appeal to Rivers people; everyone who loves my father to prevail on his wife to release the Mortal Remains of my father, High Chief Dr. O. B. Lulu-Briggs (OON) to his family for a befitting burial.

Contrary to the opinion of being weak held by many who I understand feel very disgusted by this sacrilege and show of impudence by my stepmother, I am very strong and fully in charge of my emotions for the sake of keeping the legacies of my father and respecting every memory of him. I believe that my strength is made manifest in my utmost exercise of restraint at this trying time.

I hope that my stepmother, Seinye Lulu-Briggs will for once listen to the voice of reason and release our father, your friend, your loving High Chief O. B. Lulu-Briggs for the last honor

DLB IN 93.7 that he deserves.

God keep us!



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Chief Dumo Lulu-Briggs, today on Viewpointph, Rhythm 93.7FM

“One key way of reducing insecurity is by making certain you create jobs. It’s unfortunate that investors daily leave the shores of the State for the purpose of insecurity, which has disastrously affected the economy of the State. This defect is caused by the absence of jobs, the presence of hunger, poverty, and lack of basic infrastructure. But we are coming to change all that, as our priority will basically be hinged on creating jobs, by expanding the economy in a manner that it will accommodate diverse interests. When this is achieved, then insecurity will naturally be fizzled out, and there will be peace and abundance for all. All these are centered on ideas, ideas that will benefit the people, that is all that matters. And that is why, our administration will be known as “Mr Jobs”.

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Word Press Conference

I lack words to express how I much the joy I feel for the great day that came and ended with complete success. I am most grateful to the National leadership of my party, the Accord Party for the high profile representation which was led by the national chairman himself; Mr. Muhammad Nalado. I am encouraged by the great words of my state Chairman, Dr. Nnanna Onyekwere, and the strategic inputs of the entire party executives and various Directorates who were fundamental instruments to the successful outing. I thank my spiritual fathers, the Royal Highnesses; my most Distinguished Elder Statesmen, for their patience throughout the event. I extend my heartfelt gratitude to Rivers women, Captains of Industry, Respected Political Leaders and Leaders of Civil Society Groups.

I hail the spirit of Nigerian students who appeared in various clusters: NANS, Izon Students, NURSS, NUIS, NUOS, NUES, Orashi Students, etc. My deepest gratitude goes to my special friends, the physically challenged who came out in their numbers and presented a paper with instructive details about the plight of the community of persons living with disabilities in Rivers State.

The press really made the day interesting and fruitful. Indeed, I appreciate the services of Channels TV, TVC News, NTA, WAZOBIA FM, Rhythm, Today Fm, Nigeria Info, and other stations that were represented. I say a big thank you to the Communication Directorate of my Campaign Organization, my Media Team and all Social Media influencers who were present and offered correspondent services. I pray God to bless you all.

Let me restate the call on all Rivers people to stand up and make their PVCs count. Let us put an end to the era of governments that maltreat its own people. Let us mould a prosperous future for Rivers State together.

The torch has to pass to a new generation of Rivers people whose common enemies are hunger, disease, illiteracy and tyranny. Let the year 2019 be a turning point.

Let one, reach one; Let one, tell one; let one, bring one and together we shall liberate Rivers State. So help us God.

88TH Birthday celebration of HIGH CHIEF O.B. LULU-BRIGGS.

A man who has touched the lives of so many and has forever etched his name into the books of history for all his magnanimity, goodwill and wonderful deeds of charity.

We use this rare privilege to say thank you to a man that is our father. He has been amazing in every way; and we also THANK GOD for keeping him. He is a great man! We love him! we love him!! and we shall continue to love him!!! In another 365 days and 365 days and several other 365 days, we shall continue to give thanks God for his life.


There’s also an amazing woman right next to our father. She is our mother, the very elegant, very beautiful Dr Mrs Seinye O.B Lulu-Briggs. You know when God created man, He knew that man was incomplete and then gave man woman. When God created our father, High Chief O.B Lulu-Briggs, He knew that he would be incomplete without our mother, Dr Mrs Seinye Lulu-Briggs. She is the rock that God gave us. We also say, thank you so much.

To God be the glory

Dumo lulu briggs