Dumo Lulu-Briggs celebrating his 53rd birthday with pupils of Township Model Primary School

Chief (Barr) Dumo Lulu-Briggs celebrating his 53rd birthday with pupils of Township Model Primary School, Port Harcourt.


HOME COMING AND THANKSGIVING SERVICE OF: High Chief (Dr.) O.B. LULU-BRIGGS, OON, DCF, Paramount Head, Oruwari Briggs Compound, Iniikeiroari VI

The city of Abonnema, headquarter of Akuku-Toru Local Government Area of Rivers State, glowed radiantly yesterday 3rd June, 2017, as she welcomed her beloved son High Chief O.B Lulu-Briggs back home, after months of medical treatment abroad. The display of love was overwhelming.

We can hardly find the right words to thank them enough. We pray that God bless them all in hundred folds for the love they showered on our family.

Rivers State @ 50

Borrowing immensely from the teachings of Narendra Modi, Prime Minister of India, I state that constituting one of the largest voting blocks in, and contributing about 20% of the earnings of Nigeria, Rivers State has both a special claim on Nigeria and a particular responsibility to it. Consequently, it must be strong economically, cohesive socially, robust politically and engaged nationally. To that end, governments in Rivers State must follow an approach of “participation of all, development for all”. Such democratic outlook must be the creed that animates successive administrations and the elite in our dear Rivers State.

Administrations in Rivers State must launch initiatives to generate faster and more inclusive growth, aimed at realising tangibly better lives for every Rivers man, woman and child. This entails eliminating poverty within a democratic polity on a scale unparalleled in human history. We must do so even amid a sputtering national economy and very serious security challenges locally.
While working to improve the local economy and income per head, we must embark on major increases in capital expenditure on infrastructure that have large multiplier effects on private investment.

Rivers State has tremendous social strengths, including pluralism, enduring family values, a good work ethic and others mindedness which we must consciously tend. We should work seriously on several aspects of our civic culture. We should remember that policy and lifestyle choices are key to sustainable development. In that respect we should rebirth our great tradition of inclusiveness, hospitality, conservation and respect for our environment.

There is a worry about allowing events that constitute a strong threat to our sense of a common future as a people bound together by God. This has in turn created an immense sense of urgency and expectations from governments and the elite. Inevitably, some of these expectations run ahead of us. As we celebrate Rivers [email protected], we the elite and government must remain conscious of the trust that has been placed on us by the forsaken “We the people” and we resolutely work to redeem it.

We must, as we celebrate, remember that today is indeed Children’s Day. Our children are keen observers and have an almost unerring ability to discern dissonance between our words and our actions. We must know we have no greater responsibility than to educate and prepare our young people as an essential to the development of our great State’s character, vitality and dynamism.

No less than the succces of all Rivers people and a better future for Nigeria is at stake.

Good morning Rivers State @50 and Happy Children’s Day

~ Chief Dumo Lulu-Briggs

Returning home from a very busy day

Returning home from a very busy day the other night, I noticed that there was hardly any roadside bar that wasn’t overflowing with people. Some had people standing and watching from the roadside excited. I needed not be told that these spectators were football fans, since I was a lover of the round leather game myself. The passion these fans have for the game is so high that they couldn’t afford to miss the UEFA Champions league finals, not for anything in the world.

Looking at these people, both old and young and the passion they shared no matter the football club they belonged to made it clear to me the very fact that we may come from diverse backgrounds, Clime and Creed but we can coexist together as one united indivisible fold if only we can look for that one thing that we all have in common. Once that is achieved, nothing else will matter, as every other thing will naturally fall into place.

The passion football fans share is magical, it has the ability to bury cultural, ethnic and religious differences. Last night, the Arsenal, Manchester, Barcelona, Chelsea, Liverpool etc. fans dranked together but most especially, fans of Juventus and Real Madrid Football Clubs sat together side by side under one roof, sharing passionately a brotherhood that goes beyond their individual clubs and that is the real victory. A victory that unites people rather than tear them apart and shares happiness (which is the greatest want of every man) as the byproduct of the victory itself.

As a people I believe there is a whole lot to learn from this. We must look for that thing we all commonly yearn for, which I think is a better society that fulfills the dreams of everyone social class, sex and age difference notwithstanding, a society where individual outputs equals inputs and where good is lifted over evil. Once this is done, I think our victories becomes collective and so does our failures. Unity will become automatic because love will reign over hate.

Finally, as a nation we must start exploring avenues of developing our own football teams to enviable standards, we must try to extend the love we have for the international football teams to our local teams as it will not only promote unity, but it will become a critical aspect of revenue generation. That is why I must encourage the managements of the Rivers State owned football teams, the Rivers United and of course Rivers Angels football clubs. I know that a lot has been done, a lot is still being done, yet we cannot deny that there is still so much to be done for these teams if they are to stand out here in Nigeria, Africa and at the world stage. Yet I believe it begins with you and I.

Congratulations to every football lover most especially, fans of Real Madrid FC for lifting the UEFA Champions League trophy back to back.

~ The Director, DLB Support Group