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We spoke at about 8pm on the 31st of December when I was in Abonnema and about same time on 1st January, 2023 when I returned to Port Harcourt and we agreed to meet at 9am the following day.

When I got a call in the morning of the 2nd, it was that Charles had to be taken to the hospital. The following day, he left us finally. Gone. Just like that. That was a tough call even for me so you can imagine what it is for his wife and family. I thank God we made ourselves brothers and best friends before he passed. I am proud that the great Charles Harry was my brother and friend and his brilliant mind enriched me.

I still imagine Charlie walking into the campaign office or into my house or my bedroom and I will ask him; “how are you doing, young man,” and he would reply “I’m very fine” and we would smile at each other, and our handshake would last longer than was expected.

Beneath those broad smiles of Charles and his calming words of “I’m very fine” was a man in deep pains, a body in great aches. Yet, inch by more painful inch, Charlie would work and walk the long hours and miles with us.

We could see he was struggling, even coughing and choking but before we could complete the statement that, perhaps, he should retire for the day, he would say “please carry on, I am very fine”. Of course, Charlie was always very fine. My biggest prize in politics thus far was my friendship with Charles as I became acquainted with his beautiful soul and mind. Indeed, “elegance is not superficiality but a part of the soul that is visible to others”.

May that beautiful soul rest in peace, in the bosom of its Maker. Please, all family members of Charlie, be consoled, he is in a better place. Rest easy Charlie, take a deserved rest, ALATUBO.

You fought the ills of society and you fought illness itself. Our onward-Christian-Soldier. God be with you till we meet again.

To God be the glory.