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Pier Goodmann
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What is your take on the state of leadership in the world today?

People in leadership using their power to forcefully extend their tenures in office for personal gains?

Collapse of conglomerates because those in positions of authority allow greed and deceit to guide their decisions, directions, and actions, disregarding critical principles of leadership like humility, integrity, and authenticity?

If leadership is about inspiring people to attain greater heights, of empowering people to orchestrate their own wellbeing, and of putting checks and balances in place for the advancement of a worthy vision; how are we doing, and where do we stand on these evaluation criteria?

‘Leaders Lounge’ on Saturday 2nd June, 2018, will explore these concepts and other deep truths about effective leadership. We will ask tough questions about leadership and seek honest answers. And you can come ask hot, no-holds-barred questions on leadership.

See details on the flier.

You don’t want to miss this!

 — with Dumo Lulu-Briggs.