Dein na mu Alabo!

Finally, our dear father, Alabo Dr. Charles Inko-Tariah Wokoma, JP; my greatly admired and widely respected father in-law has been honorably laid to rest.

Alabo, I believe that you have passed the mountain peak; and now your soul is soaring in the wild blue yonder of boundless freedom. You have started a fresh but painless journey of immortality in the Halls of the Angels. I know that you will surely have your place amongst the heavenly choir having lived your beautiful mortal life as an excellent music maker.

I will always be proud of you; your children will keep your memory ever fresh, my kids, your grandchildren will never forget you. Thank you for making me a part of your earthly life by receiving me into your wonderful family. Goodbye until the blast of the trumpet.

Dein na mu Alabo!

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