Thanksgiving service

Today, I joined members of my family; the Chiefs, Elders, young men and women of the Oruwari Briggs House to praise God Almighty during a Thanksgiving service observed yearly by the Oruwari War Canoe group of houses. The event took place at the Onubio, Oruwari Briggs compound, Abonnema-Kalabari kingdom and was fully attended.
I believe that God is watching over us and is showing us the way to a happy life with countless gifts despite many challenges of life. The least we can do is thank Him with all our hearts. Apart from setting a day aside to thank Him, we should also thank our God by living a good and just life, by caring for others, through prayer and through our everyday actions.
I will always pray for God’s blessings to abide with Oruwari Briggs Compound, Abonnema-Kalabari and the entire Rivers State.
God be forever glorified!

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