The Oti and Ude families

Today, I reunited with my relatives; the Oti and Ude families of Elibrada-Emohua in Emohua Local Government Area of the State. It was emotionally rewarding to be in the presence of people who reminded me of how long the cord of relationship can be yet so close to the heart. My dad never overlooked the Otis and the Udes of Elibrada, and it feels slightly disturbing that I didn’t quite understand how deep this relationship is. However, I am most grateful that I have fully identified with my brothers and sisters in Elibrada-Emohua today.
As a traditional man, I understand the symbolism and the significance of adorning a man with a George Wrapper in Ikwerre land, in Kalabari land and other places in Rivers State and outside the state. With sincere gratitude, I acknowledge the honor given to me today by my people in Emohua.
I pray for the grace to value and nurture this relationship to the point of observable impact on each and every member of the families. God Almighty be forever glorified.

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