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Big congratulations to the Nwaizu’s family for a successful traditional marriage ceremony of their beautiful daughter, Ezi.
My prayer is for God Almighty to grace this union with the spirit to conquer challenges and for the couple to experience the full bliss of love and the blessings that marriage brings forever. Amen!
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Today, I joined friends and members of the reputable Opara Family in Port Harcourt to celebrate the life of a good mother; Mama Sarah Ihunda Opara.
Mama’s story is one that everybody should take home; her selflessness was legendary and that’s why so many people from across the country came out in their numbers to honor her. Not only did she give birth to some very illustrious children, she was a hard worker who molded them through thick and thin despite all the hard times and all the difficulties that she went through to raise them.
It will remain a great honor to her memory that one of her children rose to the level of the number 6 man in Nigeria.
I am happy to be part of the historical celebration of life today. The convivial atmosphere, the carnival setting and the happiness that was vivid on the faces of everyone at the arena give testimony of God’s grace; His blessings of good health and longevity upon Mama.
My message for mothers is that they should know that the children they produce are the leaders of tomorrow; without them there’s no future. Therefore, every mother should give everything that it takes to make sure that she raises her children in the best way possible. Mothers should give their children the best grooming; to be upright children, very respectful children who respect their elders and take education seriously. Children that will have the courage, the intelligence, and the right tact to demand from society the very best and give to society the utmost. To God be the glory!
Everest David Ovi and 170 others
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Daddy, you lived gracefully as one of the finest gentlemen in Kalabari Kingdom. The countless tributes, condolences and presence from all over the world in your honor only testify to your lifetime of greatness and nobility. I will always be proud I called you my father.
The Kalabari Kingdom and the entire Rivers State will forever miss you. Your mark of credibility and fine character will remain a model for us.
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Chief Bekinbo Soberekon! One of the finest gentlemen that ever lived; a quintessential Kalabari man.
Growing up, I was moved by what I saw placed on my father’s desk in the office; “that God grant me the serenity to accept the things that I cannot change, the courage to change the things that I can and the wisdom to know the difference.” The wisdom here is that no matter what we did, no matter who we are today, a time shall come when we will all depart this world. That is the only reason we can begin to understand that Chief Bekinbo Soberekon is not living today.
Chief Soberekon exemplifies the saying that love is not an exchange but an act of faith; that means we can love and not be loved in return. But you love because it’s an act of faith.
In 1992, I had just emerged as the SDP candidate for House of Representatives, representing Akukutoru and Asaritoru Federal Constituencies. During that time my late father was an ardent supporter of A. K. Dikibo and not Chief Bekinbo Soberekon. But Chief Bekinbo Soberekon had a strong presence in Akukutoru Loca Government Area and all of those who were in support of him were not happy that my father was supporting Chief A. K. Dikibo. So, expectedly, almost all of his supporters didn’t want to support me. Then I had to look for Chief Bekinbo Soberekon. And I got to his campaign office and I said to him, “Daddy, I know that you don’t expect me to come to you but I have a big problem. I don’t see how I can win elections and go to the Federal House if those who support you don’t support me. And chief amongst them was my own brother, Mighty Joe who said it was not possible for them to support me because my father didn’t support Chief Bekinbo Soberekon.
Chief Soberekon called Mighty and everybody and said “look at this young man, from his face I can see his heart. He’s a good man; so if you know that you love me in any way, stop your opposition to him and give him your support to the fullest.” That was Chief Bekinbo Soberekon for you; a man of love. He loved life and was very elegant in all the things he did. And as they say, “elegance is not superficiality, it is a part of the soul that is visible to others.” Chief Bekinbo Soberekon’s soul was visible to everyone around him.
The Kalabari Kingdom has lost one of its finest. And it’s happening at a time when almost everybody in Rivers State is beginning to doubt the credibility, the character of a Kalabari man. Unfortunately, we had to lose one of the best examples of the character of a Kalabari man. Nobody that I have known in politics, in life and in business has shown greater credibility and greater character than Chief Bekinbo Soberekon. So, I am proud to have called him my father and I am proud that from the first day we met in 1992 till when he passed he took me as his son. Today, he’s not with us but I know he’s resting easy with his maker. May God bless and be with the family he left behind.
Your son,
Chief Dumo O.B.Lulu-Briggs
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Today, Rivers State honored a man who truly deserves to be honored. He was very close to my father and was also a father to me. And I state with all sense of pride that he will remain a symbol of pride and honor to the Kalabari Kingdom and to Rivers State for his good legacies and trademarks of integrity and sound mind.
Indeed, the Kalahari kingdom has produced very eminent jurists. But we haven’t had anybody at the Supreme Court before. So, the late Justice made a remarkable history.
The Kalabari kingdom has lost one of its finest; and it is sad that we are losing those men and women who put the Kalabari kingdom on the map of Nigeria. Today is quite memorable and as his son, I feel very concerned but I am happy because he achieved quite a whole lot and lived up to 88. There are landmark judgments to his credit. I don’t know of any judgment given by him that was overturned.
This is a colossal loss to the Kalabari kingdom and to Rivers State. I’m however happy that the entire state gave him the honor he deserves.
Goodbye to our father and may God bless Rivers State.
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Support to my brother and friend, Chief Timipre Sylva

Today, I was in Uyo, Akwa Ibom state to give support to my brother and friend, Chief Timipre Sylva, the Hon. Minister of Petroleum (state), his family and In-laws as they honoured the Legendary Elder Okon Tommy Udo, father of his beloved wife, Mrs. Alayingi Uduak Sylva.
Testimonies abound of the exceptional and the most principled ways in which Elder Tommy lived his life when he was with us. And that he lived through the years of 1930 – 2019, and clocked 89, before passing is also a greater testimony of how God Almighty compensated him for his good life.
I know that even the glory of age cannot replace the feeling of sorrow that results from the reality that he will never be seen again. His son In-law, Timi, will miss him, his daughter, Alayingi will never forget him, no member of his family will be able to shut down the memory of him and his friends will always remember him. So, the vacuum may never be filled.
However, I sympathize with the family and loved ones, and urge all to fill every space with God’s love which is eternal and unconquerable.
May the soul of our father, Elder Tommy rest in peace and may God bless and keep his family in Jesus name.

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Dein na mu Alabo!

Finally, our dear father, Alabo Dr. Charles Inko-Tariah Wokoma, JP; my greatly admired and widely respected father in-law has been honorably laid to rest.

Alabo, I believe that you have passed the mountain peak; and now your soul is soaring in the wild blue yonder of boundless freedom. You have started a fresh but painless journey of immortality in the Halls of the Angels. I know that you will surely have your place amongst the heavenly choir having lived your beautiful mortal life as an excellent music maker.

I will always be proud of you; your children will keep your memory ever fresh, my kids, your grandchildren will never forget you. Thank you for making me a part of your earthly life by receiving me into your wonderful family. Goodbye until the blast of the trumpet.

Dein na mu Alabo!

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late Madam Blessing Achini Awuse Funeral

we honoured a legend; our mother, late Madam Blessing Achini Awuse who lived a fulfilling life and passed on to glory at 92. Ma Achini is the mother of a respectable brother, one of the great sons and pride of our loving Rivers state; Chief Sergeant Awuse.

I pray God Almighty to grant our dear mother eternal rest in His bosom and fill the vacuum created by her departure with love and peace for the family.

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Kidney Health Awareness by the O.B. Lulu-Briggs

Walk for life on Kidney Health Awareness by the O.B. Lulu-Briggs Foundation, in celebration of the life of High Chief O.B. Lulu-Briggs at 88 years.