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Thanksgiving service

Today, I joined members of my family; the Chiefs, Elders, young men and women of the Oruwari Briggs House to praise God Almighty during a Thanksgiving service observed yearly by the Oruwari War Canoe group of houses. The event took place at the Onubio, Oruwari Briggs compound, Abonnema-Kalabari kingdom and was fully attended.
I believe that God is watching over us and is showing us the way to a happy life with countless gifts despite many challenges of life. The least we can do is thank Him with all our hearts. Apart from setting a day aside to thank Him, we should also thank our God by living a good and just life, by caring for others, through prayer and through our everyday actions.
I will always pray for God’s blessings to abide with Oruwari Briggs Compound, Abonnema-Kalabari and the entire Rivers State.
God be forever glorified!
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25th of December

I celebrated with children on the 25th of December and the experience was wonderful and deeply satisfying because I believe it reflected the essence of the day which is the celebration day of the birth of the Holy Child; our Lord Jesus Christ.
Also, sharing the joy with the elderly on the same day is even more fulfilling as there’s no children without the parents.
I pray, may the blessings of the birth of Christ be upon every child and parents as we continue to celebrate and enjoy the warmth of the holiday season in Jesus name. Amen!
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The Oti and Ude families

Today, I reunited with my relatives; the Oti and Ude families of Elibrada-Emohua in Emohua Local Government Area of the State. It was emotionally rewarding to be in the presence of people who reminded me of how long the cord of relationship can be yet so close to the heart. My dad never overlooked the Otis and the Udes of Elibrada, and it feels slightly disturbing that I didn’t quite understand how deep this relationship is. However, I am most grateful that I have fully identified with my brothers and sisters in Elibrada-Emohua today.
As a traditional man, I understand the symbolism and the significance of adorning a man with a George Wrapper in Ikwerre land, in Kalabari land and other places in Rivers State and outside the state. With sincere gratitude, I acknowledge the honor given to me today by my people in Emohua.
I pray for the grace to value and nurture this relationship to the point of observable impact on each and every member of the families. God Almighty be forever glorified.
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Starting the festive season with sports entertainment in Basketball is quite a pleasurable experience for me. I loved every moment of sitting down and watching great talents play at the Ball 4 Life Championship 2021. The final game was played yesterday and it was between OLUMINI TIGERS AND OKIRIKA HAWKS. The two teams were in it but Olumini Tigers sustained its top dog pace to the very end and won the day scoring 80 against Okirika Hawks who parted with 62 scores.

to the winning team and to Mr. Victor James who emerged as the Most Valuable Player of the Tournament. And to the rest of our Rivers State basketball players at all levels, please don’t lose the dream, the future is yours by God’s special grace.

God bless Rivers State.
Sokari Benita Briggs and 760 others

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My dear Rivers people; family and friends from far and near, as we celebrate the birth of our Lord Jesus Christ today and as the year draws to a close, my wish is for everyone to muster the will to resist every hurtful thrust and consider this solemn moment an opportunity to thank God and positively reflect on the experiences of yesterday with hope for a better 2022. I pray for this glorious day to inspire us to cultivate and always display the virtues of love, charity and gratitude.
I want to thank my family, my friends, business partners and everyone who has been a part of my life one way or another. And most importantly, I want to thank God for His mercy and grace upon our lives. I believe that in all circumstances and irrespective of our flawed natures as humans, we have drawn strength from one another to effectively face the challenges of life. May we enjoy this beautiful day with joy knowing that Christ is the reason for the season.
Merry Christmas and a happy new year in advance.
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Many thanks to Heritage-Plus, the organizers of the Garden City Advancement Award and to everyone who considered me worthy of the honor as the Rivers Man of the year 2021.
Our society needs the blessings of God Almighty which I believe is far more accommodating than the reach of man! As individuals, we can only do the much we can.
Society has to be restructured to reverse the trend in which there are very many poor people, very many unemployed youth.
Our country is very rich in natural resources and the question is: Why are our people so poor? Is it because the people that control the country’s wealth have their eyes high up there?
The focus of governance should be on the grassroots, the ordinary people, the local communities. We need to reverse the condition where the country and the state are rich but our people are poor; where the government and companies are rich but their hosts are poor.
We need governance to be about the ordinary people of Rivers State – the people of Ahoada, the people of Bonny, the people of Obio-Akpor, the people of Khana, etc. What we have today is politics for township people, politics for the rich and super rich, politics for those who only want to take for themselves from the public coffers and keep the ordinary people perpetually impoverished.
Leadership should be about the local communities, about truth, not frills.
Governance should make the ordinary man and woman the start point of all developmental policies, strategies and action plans.
Political power should be put in the hands of the people. The people should be empowered to determine how politics is played; empowered to influence and benefit from the deployment of state resources. Political influence should be deliberately given to the local communities, we should take political power and influence from the ‘big oga dem’ and put in the hands of the ordinary people.
Politics should be about the people and the dividends of democracy should benefit everyone. Governance must be inclusive, the governor should only be a primus inter pares. Differences of opinion should not be construed as a declaration of enmity.
May God Almighty help our leaders to deliver, liberate and bless our state and country.
Thank you for this recognition and God bless you all.
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Chieftaincy Installation of Chief Dumo Lulu-Briggs-Live

Chieftaincy Installation of Chief Dumo Lulu-Briggs, Ebuye-Lulu (II), Iniikeiroari (VI) of Kalabari Kingdom, as the Paramount Head of Oruwari Briggs War Canoe House of Abonnema.

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6th year anniversary

Today, I joined members of the Distinguished Light Church of God International located at Rumuolumeni, opposite Opus Filling Station, Holy Ghost Avenue off Trans-Kalabari Road Rumuolumeni, Obio/Akpor LGA, Rivers State, to celebrate their 6th year anniversary and also launch their structural expansion. It was deeply fulfilling to be part of a task that is about the glorification of our God Almighty. May He be forever glorified.

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Oruwari War Canoe

I am deeply grateful to God for His enduring grace upon the Oruwari War Canoe group of houses. It is quite pleasing that efforts towards restoring peace and championing the process of development in my hometown are not failing.
Congratulations to those we have unanimously selected to serve the community in various capacities. God bless my elders and Chiefs and also bless the youths, men and women of the Oruwari War Canoe group of houses in Abonnema, Kalabari land.