“I have always dreamed about climbing the horse but I never found the courage to do so, and indeed I actually feared doing that. But on a day that the Port Harcourt Polo Club chose to honor my father, High Chief (Dr.) O. B. Lulu-Briggs, I found the courage finally and the opportunity to mount the horse.”
“I thank the Port Harcourt Polo Club for this wonderful honor; not just having named the building after my father, they have also decided to give him double immortalization by renaming the Governor’s cup after him.”
“I’m very excited today; on the next horse with me is a very close friend, a colleague, and major partner in the oil industry, ChuChu (Engr. Chukwudi Dimkpa). I see old friends, members of the public, and people who love Port Harcourt here, and it’s really a moment to cherish and keep throughout life. I thank Port Harcourt Polo Club for the great honor.”
It was indeed a great day that will stay in memory forever. God bless Rivers State.

Out reach to the Widows

Again yesterday God gave me the privilege to reach out to the Widows and Elderly in Abonnema.
Knowing how challenging it can be in experiencing press in an event with such multitude of people as it was during the one-week-long celebration of my father’s funeral, I understood that these ones may not have had the feel of the celebration as they may have ought to. You know, it was a celebration that has the right of everyone, and no one ought to be denied of that right. It was a celebration that gave way to saying to the departed, thank you for all the good deeds done us. Why should any be denied of such privilege, no matter how?
It was in this direction I had to reach out to the widows and the elderly. I cannot deny them that right, but have to oblige them that honour in gifting them with Provisions, Food items, Wrappers, and Cash. That through this, they also may have the feel of the celebration and be satisfied that indeed they were part of it all. They are our responsibility, they are the reason God has brought us thus far and well, and it’s our duty to fulfill God’s purpose concerning them, we cannot be tired of such well doing, we can’t.

I, therefore, give God all the Glory for using us to reach out to these ones. Most importantly, the Prayers rendered by them were indeed overwhelming, I was touched and humbled to the marrow, and I say Amen to them all.

Thanks to God

I give thanks to God for the success of my father’s burial and I am very grateful to everyone from all over the world who one way or another made the burial a success.
There were a lot of talks before we even started, and of course there were also a lot of prayers. The story of the family was everywhere and it looked like it was never going to happen. Remember, our father past on at least some two years and few months ago and we just buried him on the 13th of March. So it seemed impossible. It looked like there was a lot of crisis in the family and we couldn’t put the finger on what was going on. But when you know how to pray and invite God into all your affairs, His grace and mercy shall always be sufficient. And that was sufficient, we were able to give our father a befitting passage.
I will of course express my gratitude to everyone in a more elaborate and comprehensive manner but while that waits let me use this medium to say thank you to my beloved Abonnema people, my respected Chiefs, my dear family members; women, men, young boys and girls who all through the weeks participated in all the cultural and customary activities to mark the glorious passing of our beloved Opuda. May God bless you immensely.
I will remain ever grateful to the First Family, His Excellency President Muhammadu Buhari and his beloved wife Her Excellency Mrs. Aisha Muhammadu Buhari who was represented by the wife of my good friend and brother the former Governor of Bayelsa State and current Minister of state for petroleum, His Excellency Timi Sylva; to the former president of the Federal Republic of Nigeria, His Excellency President Goodluck Ebele Jonathan and his loving wife Dame Patience Goodluck Ebele Jonathan and to the ever vibrant Governor of our loving Rivers State, His Excellency Governor Nyesom Ezenwo Wike and members of his Cabinet and other government officials who accompanied him to honor my father.
Thank you to all the clergymen, members of the bar, political leaders, elder statesmen, Royal Highnesses, the media, the general public and of course members of the Central Burial Committee who put in their very best to ensure that we achieved success.
May God bless everyone in Jesus name.


My father had a tough life; he never had a formal education all his life but grew to become what he was. And it gladdens our heart to know that when affluence came he embraced the world with the warmth of that affluence, and he gave like giving was out of fashion. And he would always say to you “to thyself always be true, and as day follows night that which will be will be”. He taught me that love is not an exchange, so you don’t love because you expect to be loved in return. Love is an act of faith; you just do it because you have to do it expecting nothing in return. You are doing it because you believe in God. And from my father’s story it is very clear that your background is not the reason you back is on the ground; you can always get moving.
So, on behalf of the Lulu-Briggs family, I thank all of us who are seated here; traditional rulers who are here that have come from Bakassi in Cross/Rivers State, friends of my father who came from Plateau State, the former Governor, Dr. Peter Odili and all those who spoke glowingly of our father; one of my teachers that I have tremendous respect for, O. C. J. Okocha, my friend Senator Magnus Abe, the choirs, the orchestra, Oma Pitch, Mercy Chinwo and all of the wonderful and respectable personalities who came to honor my father today, we can’t thank you enough but I will still say thank you so much on behalf of the Lulu-Briggs family.
My younger sister Rachael is here and she spoke very glowingly and I will like to say that we are a family; we want to be a family with everybody, with our stepmother and with all. There is nothing that has happened that we shall allow it to define us. The life of our father must be the only mirror through which we see the world. He was a very forgiving person; a very loving person and so we forgive ourselves and all of us. We pray that we keep the flag flying and that we do not bury the Lulu-Briggs family with our dearly departed father. So, we must come together; we need all your prayers. Thank you and God bless us all.
Chief Dumo O. B. Lulu-Briggs


Today was an eventful day. It started gracefully with an Art Exhibition at the Ebitimi Banigo Hall and ended gloriously with an evening of Tributes, Music, and Drama at the University’s Convocation Arena. The awesome words, the soul-lifting songs, and the dramatic performances all made it wonderful and memorable.
I thank the University of Port Harcourt, the Vice-Chancellor of the school Prof. Stephen Okodudu and the various respectable former Vice-Chancellors including Emeritus Prof. Nimi D. Briggs, OON, 5th VC of the school; Prof. Don Baridam, 6th VC; Prof. Joseph A. Ajienka, 7th VC of the school and the Registrar for the great honor done a great man; my father today. This institution has always shown a sense of oneness with my family; truly, the school has always appreciated my family. And in keeping faith in the legacies of my father, I will also be a friend in need with the school.
God bless you all.

May be an image of 3 people, people standing, indoor and text


It is quite a symbolic Month in the year 2021. As my father Marches on to glory, the replay of those fatherly memories has become more frequent and creating a sublime nostalgia that is tinged with sadness. But I rise each time stronger and very strengthened by those same memories because they bear the marks of sacrifice and the pathways to honor. Thanks to God Almighty who has afforded us the grand opportunity to honor those memories.
My dear family members and relatives, distinguished friends and associates; beloved Rivers people and Nigerians all over the world, we are grateful for all the love you are graciously sending us this period and we are hopeful that as the activities to pay last respect to our beloved father begins on the 8 with a service of songs, you’ll be there all the way. May this March bring you abundant blessings and remarkable testimonies of joy. Amen!
Your friend and brother
Dumo Lulu-Briggs

BBC Governorship Debate Rivers State



‘‘I’m in this race to pursue the aspirations of the people of Rivers State who yearn for a truly representative government.’’

‘‘I want to be known as Mr. Jobs, not Mr. Projects. I want to be judged by the number of Rivers people that will have been taken out of poverty into prosperity.’’

‘‘My vision for Rivers State is a state with well-appointed multiple cities that boosts of peace and security, good roads, and an efficient transportation network.’’

‘‘My vision for Rivers State is that of a developed and modern state globally recognized as a primary destination for business, residence and tourism in Africa.’’

‘‘I am bringing credibility, rationality and civility to governance.’’

‘‘The Innovation Triangle” – a revolutionary job creation approach – is a synergistic ‘coitus’ of Government, Business Community and Academia. We will use ‘The Innovation Triangle’ strategy to create a jobs revolution in Rivers State.’’

– Chief Dumo Lulu-Briggs


For these and more, listen to Accord Party Gubernatorial Candidate in Rivers State, Chief Dumo Lulu-Briggs, tomorrow, at BBC News Pidgin Gubernatorial Debate in Rivers State.

See details on the flier.

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In an article titled ‘Why Wike is afraid of Lulu-Briggs’ published on the Nation’s Newspaper on 12th January, 2019, the spokesman for Dumo Lulu-Briggs Campaign Organization, Mr. Dason Nemieboka declared that Accord is the fastest growing party in Rivers State and that its candidate is the most popular and most loved.

He made this bold declaration while fielding questions from reporters on what seems like an intraparty crisis but which the party’s national leadership has consistently described as a non-issue given some available and glaring facts.

On what he thinks about the claimant’s position, he said, “Sincerely, we would have ignored this completely if we were operating in a different clime. However, with the Nigerian politician, you know that there can be an attempt to blindfold even God. Our preliminary findings and the inconsistency of the claimant points to the fact that he is serving an interest beyond his comprehension. If and when we are duly served the court processes, we shall respond adequately. However, I am certain that the only beneficiary of this distractive tactics would be the judiciary and the press.”

“Both the claimant and his paymasters would discover that these distractive blocks thrown at Chief Dumo Lulu Briggs will become building blocks and steps to victory.”

“The truth is that, the sponsors would be shocked that their very effort at distracting the focused Accord Party and her credible governorship candidate would be the reason why even their members, including commissioners, would flood the Accord party soon.”

“Chief Lulu Briggs is focused on his work. He is disturbed that Rivers people would continue to tolerate bad leadership until May 28. He is disturbed that the people would live under selfish rulers for the period but not whether the judiciary would stoop to be used by accidental powerful men. He has never doubted the courage and integrity of the courts, he knows that once a judge looks into the case he would throw it out and award cost against the plaintiff, for attempting to manipulate the law to get what he doesn’t deserve. Our judges are wise.”

To clear the air on whether or not Chief Dumo Lulu-Briggs is dodging service of court papers as being alleged by the claimant, Mr. Dason described such claim as laughable, and stated thus, “Chief Dumo is clearly the most accessible governorship candidate in Rivers State. We are not going to apply dirty tricks because flooring the incumbent on March 2nd is a rather simple task. Anyone who claims that he couldn’t serve processes is economical with the truth. I think that is the agenda create false impressions in an attempt to mislead voters.”

“We know what they are up to and we shall shock them. I think rather than ask a man who is sacrificing to liberate us, we should ask our political tormentors why they are attempting to block the only true challenger they have Their tormentors are those who have vowed to arrest massive development in Rivers State, those who spend hundreds of billions of our commonwealth without recourse to any budget. Those who rule by spreading fear and insecurity, instead of curbing it.”

“They are those who forced themselves on Rivers people and are now worried that God has sent a man to deliver, liberate and stimulate blessings. It is clear that they are afraid of any fair contest. They fear that the dwindling public image can’t secure electoral victory. They are afraid of Dumo Lulu Briggs’ towering personality, hence the attempt to get him out of the race by the back door. Governor Wike clearly dreads a contest against Chief Dumo Lulu Briggs.”

To answer the question on why the party’s Flagbearer is considered a threat when there are countless others, he said, “Do not tell me about scores of political parties or candidates, for us in Rivers State the choice is between going in one accord which is the new and better order, and continuing in the dark days of primitive rulership. Accord is the fastest growing party in Rivers State. The candidate is the most popular and most loved politician in the state and other parties are losing members daily to Accord. So why won’t a desperate party attempt to stop Chief Dumo Lulu Briggs and the Accord party in Rivers State, where a governor would build a motor park and invite angels to commission.”

“Rivers people seek an exposed and compassionate leader who knows the people. They want Chief Dumo Lulu Briggs and so Governor Wike knows that he will be an ex-governor as long as Dumo is on the ballot. DLB as they call him is creating jobs even as a private citizen, he is reducing poverty, and he is educating indigent students in the LGAs. He plans to develop multiple streams of income for the state; tourism, agriculture and industrialization would be the highpoints of the incoming administration. We are worried that Rivers State has the highest rate of unemployment and the current administration is sitting pretty playing politics and seeking to pull down the credible contenders.”

Since the emergence of DUMO LULU-BRIGGS as its candidate, Accord party has in recent time sent a massive shockwave to the Rivers State politcal landscape. And political actors and observers have alluded to the fact that the incumbent governor of the state is the most troubled by the Dumo/Accord tremor. Emerging Pictorial evidences have also given credence to the position that the claimant, Mr. Precious Baridoo is merely a tool meant for creating a perception of crisis to kill the Accord momentum.

Uche Woke


Beloved brothers and sisters of the All Progressives Congress, Rivers State, I greet you with mixed feelings, as I write these lines to accordingly Express a hard decision.

Yes, hard decision because I formally joined you in April last year and you received me with warmth and love. You made me feel at home, and we worked hard as a family to reposition the party and stabilize our leader, Rt. Hon. Chibuike Rotimi Amaechi, who was then under tremendous pressure. We quickly rolled up our sleeves and labored behind our leader and with you.

Inspired by the leader’s claim to equity, justice, and fair-play we inconvenienced ourselves to ensure success and our beloved All Progressives Congress became bigger and stronger. The claim by the leader that Rivers State should be governed at this time by someone of riverine extraction was believed to be a sincere and patriotic position. Hence we encouraged the membership to follow wholeheartedly.

For those who know Dumo Lulu Briggs intimately, I am an unrepentant team player who puts group interest over self. We didn’t walk the streets because we were idle, we were not insulted because we were hated; instead, we did because sacrifices were required to liberate our state.

Our loyalty to the leader and party was total as is necessary for Party Democracy to thrive. As you all know, the principles of loyalty and fidelity demand justice for all. “To lead and we follow” must always bear the supposition of truth, equity, and justice.

We need to create a Rivers State of expanding opportunities and citizen responsibility. A State growing in diversity and in the bonds of love and ONENESS. Therefore, nothing must be allowed to threaten our sense of a common future.

The facts are known, we took steps to protect the party from sliding into a personal estate, if the PDP in Rivers State is owned by a strong man and our leader in the APC by default becomes a feudal lord, then our state is doomed. I have nothing personal to lose or gain, but we have all to lose if in a democracy we allow the aberration of overlords, hence my decision. While we were together I enjoyed your comradeship and so find it hard to leave, yet, men of conscience would when necessary overlook personal sentiments and emotions.

I am 100% Rivers just as you and so I trust that we shall keep our friendship and possibly realign if and when we feel the need. I bear no grudge or malice and I implore that you take none toward me, what is obvious is that I have to continue my quest to help liberate our state by advancing my vision on another platform.

I take from the experience valuable lessons, and from you, I took warm memories. I pray that God keeps us healthy and able to rescue Rivers State and elect a governor who will give Rivers people quality leadership and service.

Once again, I reiterate that it is about Rivers people and my doors are open, praying that we find ourselves in ONE ACCORD.

God bless us all.

I am ceaselessly yours,
Chief Dumo Lulu-Briggs