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Pier Goodmann
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The DLB Guber Roadshow made its last campaign drive today, and I am full of gratitude for how far we have come. We have made sacrifices, and committed to the cause of The We Agenda to deliver prosperity for all, and truth be told, ACCORD is good to go. Accord is the solution for River State, and our collective efforts will deliver victory.

When there is a will, there is a way. Our will is to change the narrative of today’s Rivers State, free her from the choking grip of godfatherism, restore power back into the hands of the people and put our economy on an auto-pilot – a cruise ship from a paltry 20 billion dollars GDP to a humongous 350 billion dollars GDP in 12 – 16 years. In a grand finale of the ACCORD guber campaign today, the chiefs and people of my country home – Abonnema – came out en masse to prove this will is not just ACCORD’s, but the people’s will as well. They spoke in one voice. And the voice of the people is the voice of God.

We have the victory! ACCORD is set to give River people a breath of fresh air when we form government. I have seen the hand of God in every step of my journey to the Brickhouse, and the grace that has covered me is very humbling. Itโ€™s been a long trip to this point, but every second I have spent on my campaign train has spurred me stand for Rivers People.

Before coming to its crescendo today, the ACCORD campaign train has toured all the LGA’s in the state. We have finagled through mashy terrains, navigated the sea and dominated the hinterlands with our message of prosperity. We have seen first hands the sufferings of Rivers people. We have also seen first hand the abundant resources of Rivers State trapped in the underdevelopment of our local areas. We understand these problems and that’s why we are the only party that has its manifesto broken down into minifestos that cater for the 23 LGAs of the state, whilst taking into cognizance the unique development potentials of each area with respect to tourism, commerce, sports, tech, industry and plantation-scale mechanised farming.

Through out this season, our messaging has been anchored on two important themes: prosperity for all and even development across board. Our goal is to leave no LGA behind and by the time we’re done, we wish to be judged by the number of households we lift from poverty into prosperity and from prosperity into yet greater prosperity. Not by the bricks and mortar we throw about here and there – those are basic necessities.

With our unemployment rate pegged at 42% and underemployment rate at 18%, it is obvious that the canker worm of poverty have eaten into the pockets of our people. Rivers is a multicultural state bonded by common prosperity. However, this prosperity have eroded and our people now have no varieties in their lives save for the vanities of their leaders which they are grudgingly enduring.

We are sitting on a ticking bomb – Rivers State doesn’t only need to be salvaged from its present economic woes, but needs to salvaged as soon as possible. March 18 offers us that chance to reclaim our first place as the treasure base of the nation by voting for the first party on the ballot – ACCORD.

Our most important treasure isn’t even our large oil and gas deposits, not the beautiful coastlines of Andoni nor the potential multibillion tourism dollars of the beaches in Kula. Our treasure is not the vast agricultural farmlands in Ogoni, Etche, แปŒmแปฅma and Ikwerre. Our greatest treasure are Rivers people and overtime there’s been no conscious attempt to invest in the people. The hallmark of our plans is investment in humans. We intend to see our people hit their greatest potentials and that’s why for everywhere I’ve been to, I keep telling our people to get ready to become millionaires and billionaires.

The civil service, women and children, elderly people, persons with disabilities, vibrant youths with innovative ideas, creatives, entertainers, scholars, etc, will all find expression and improved working condition, living condition and access to opportunities under the ACCORD government. You’re our greatest treasure and will invest in you without second thoughts.

Our plans for Rivers State are audacious. They’re unlike what you hear on regular days and that’s because we want Rivers State to be ahead of its peers. The first competitive edge we’re giving Rivers State is the brilliance of our dears.

But like you all know, I have no godfather. So I am counting on you to emerge victorious at the polls. A vote for ACCORD is a vote for a prosperous Rivers State. A vote for ACCORD is a vote for a government that will be directly accountable to you, Rivers people.

Come out on Saturday March 18th, and act Accordingly, We will ensure our votes count.

ACCORD is the first party on the ballot.
Vote A! Vote ACCORD!!