Dumo Lulu Briggs Celebrates With Apostle Chibuzor On His 49th Birthday

I join all members of Omega Power Ministries (OPM) worldwide to celebrate a trailblazer, a man anointed in the giving ministry, someone who fathers orphans, husbands widows and aids the indigent through his acts of benevolence, one who represents Jesus and epitomises Christianity in its truest form.
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Happy 49th Birthday to the General Overseer, OPM worldwide. It’s so obvious to everyone that you are a great man of God and you have done many wonderful things not just for OPM here in Rivers state but across the globe. By the special grace of God, next year you shall be 50 and we shall all come here to celebrate with you for such a significant milestone in your life. Also next year, by the special grace of God, we shall bring the government of Rivers state to celebrate a man who has been touching lives of people here in the state.
Thank you for your life of sacrifice. God bless and keep you Sir.
Happy Birthday Apostle Dr. Chibuzor Gift Chinyere.


62 years ago today, our beloved country Nigeria joined the comity of nations of the world as an independent country.

By that historic stride, we became free to determine our future and that of generations yet unborn. We began to take decisions on our political, economic, security, cultural and other aspects of our national life. We became responsible for how the different parts of our country are governed and developed. 62 years on, we have recorded varying degrees of successes and despite our challenges, we have remained one country under God.

For us in Rivers State, this independence day anniversary is auspicious because in few months, our people shall be called upon to make crucial decisions on the course of events for the next four years. Rivers people shall be called upon to elect persons to pilot the affairs of the state; a golden opportunity for a paradigm shift and a change in the narrative.

Although Rivers State has the second largest GDP in the country, this has not positively impacted the lives of our people. There is therefore a lot of work to be done in expanding the frontiers of our economy and bringing the much needed succour to our people.

Enmeshed in massive unemployment, insecurity, militancy and environmental degradation, there is hope in the horizon. A new dawn beckons. Rivers State is on the threshold of a fresh start. Our country, Nigeria shall emerge a stronger and united nation. Our people shall be prosperous and happy again.

Happy 62nd Independence anniversary.
God bless Rivers Sate
God bless the Federal Republic of Nigeria

Yours ceaselessly
Dumo Lulu-Briggs.



My dear fellow compatriots and Rivers people, I welcome you gladly to this new month of May. Remember, it’s still a year of possibilities and truly every new month heralds new possibilities. Permit me this day to greet you with a message that draws from my undying passion to see a return of that social system that supported the dreams and aspirations of our fathers and mothers; every Rivers man, woman and child.
I do believe that we all understand the extent of our collective fortune and can also relate with our existential problems as Rivers people. Yes, Rivers State is blessed and it’s wonderful to behold that even in our diversity, we remain people of a common history and future, bound together by a shared sense of duty to our base of treasure. So, whatever happens to one happens to the other.
While I recognize that we are each driven by different ideas of how that duty can be fulfilled, let me remind us again that history is not made by men and women who do nothing; history can only be made by men and women who take the right and necessary actions. We all need some true change but the change can only happen if you replace the “self” with the ‘We”; when we all embrace and advance the “WE” Agenda’ (@theweagenda) philosophy which is about Putting People First.
The “WE” Agenda breaks political boundaries and demands our collective commitment to the message that we all matter. This is the time to speak truth to power; to tell those who need to hear that you matter and that things must be done differently. We are committed to erasing the politics of bitterness and putting down that of hate. And it has to start from you recognising how important it is for you to equip yourself as a voter and prepare to participate in politics and governance.
God bless you and happy new Month my people.

Happy new month of February

Happy new month of February to you all my dear people!
I believe that God Almighty has prepared us all for the experiences of the ensuing months in this beautiful year. Remember, “impossibility is nothing” as long as you faithfully welcome into your heart the divine decree that this is indeed your year of possibilities and also proceed to expressing a firm determination for success in all of your endeavors. I wish you health, sound mind and success today and always. God bless you.
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Sokari Benita Briggs, Happiness Belema and 381 others


“I have always dreamed about climbing the horse but I never found the courage to do so, and indeed I actually feared doing that. But on a day that the Port Harcourt Polo Club chose to honor my father, High Chief (Dr.) O. B. Lulu-Briggs, I found the courage finally and the opportunity to mount the horse.”
“I thank the Port Harcourt Polo Club for this wonderful honor; not just having named the building after my father, they have also decided to give him double immortalization by renaming the Governor’s cup after him.”
“I’m very excited today; on the next horse with me is a very close friend, a colleague, and major partner in the oil industry, ChuChu (Engr. Chukwudi Dimkpa). I see old friends, members of the public, and people who love Port Harcourt here, and it’s really a moment to cherish and keep throughout life. I thank Port Harcourt Polo Club for the great honor.”
It was indeed a great day that will stay in memory forever. God bless Rivers State.

Out reach to the Widows

Again yesterday God gave me the privilege to reach out to the Widows and Elderly in Abonnema.
Knowing how challenging it can be in experiencing press in an event with such multitude of people as it was during the one-week-long celebration of my father’s funeral, I understood that these ones may not have had the feel of the celebration as they may have ought to. You know, it was a celebration that has the right of everyone, and no one ought to be denied of that right. It was a celebration that gave way to saying to the departed, thank you for all the good deeds done us. Why should any be denied of such privilege, no matter how?
It was in this direction I had to reach out to the widows and the elderly. I cannot deny them that right, but have to oblige them that honour in gifting them with Provisions, Food items, Wrappers, and Cash. That through this, they also may have the feel of the celebration and be satisfied that indeed they were part of it all. They are our responsibility, they are the reason God has brought us thus far and well, and it’s our duty to fulfill God’s purpose concerning them, we cannot be tired of such well doing, we can’t.

I, therefore, give God all the Glory for using us to reach out to these ones. Most importantly, the Prayers rendered by them were indeed overwhelming, I was touched and humbled to the marrow, and I say Amen to them all.

Thanks to God

I give thanks to God for the success of my father’s burial and I am very grateful to everyone from all over the world who one way or another made the burial a success.
There were a lot of talks before we even started, and of course there were also a lot of prayers. The story of the family was everywhere and it looked like it was never going to happen. Remember, our father past on at least some two years and few months ago and we just buried him on the 13th of March. So it seemed impossible. It looked like there was a lot of crisis in the family and we couldn’t put the finger on what was going on. But when you know how to pray and invite God into all your affairs, His grace and mercy shall always be sufficient. And that was sufficient, we were able to give our father a befitting passage.
I will of course express my gratitude to everyone in a more elaborate and comprehensive manner but while that waits let me use this medium to say thank you to my beloved Abonnema people, my respected Chiefs, my dear family members; women, men, young boys and girls who all through the weeks participated in all the cultural and customary activities to mark the glorious passing of our beloved Opuda. May God bless you immensely.
I will remain ever grateful to the First Family, His Excellency President Muhammadu Buhari and his beloved wife Her Excellency Mrs. Aisha Muhammadu Buhari who was represented by the wife of my good friend and brother the former Governor of Bayelsa State and current Minister of state for petroleum, His Excellency Timi Sylva; to the former president of the Federal Republic of Nigeria, His Excellency President Goodluck Ebele Jonathan and his loving wife Dame Patience Goodluck Ebele Jonathan and to the ever vibrant Governor of our loving Rivers State, His Excellency Governor Nyesom Ezenwo Wike and members of his Cabinet and other government officials who accompanied him to honor my father.
Thank you to all the clergymen, members of the bar, political leaders, elder statesmen, Royal Highnesses, the media, the general public and of course members of the Central Burial Committee who put in their very best to ensure that we achieved success.
May God bless everyone in Jesus name.

Serving Humanity

In our commitment to serving humanity, we must not forget our elders. We must endeavor to put smiles on the faces of the elderly men and women who are forerunners in the journey of life and have blessed us with wisdom to live through the challenges.
Providing assistance for the elderly within and outside Kalabari Kingdom is my Father’s custom and I am happy to honor him by earnestly striving to continue his legacy in this respect. I thank God Almighty for yet another opportunity to carry out his assignment; for His abundance of blessings and for providing the will and the grace to fulfill the task today.
God bless our mothers and fathers!

Hon. Harold Briggs

Today I joined my family, relatives and Chiefs in Abonnema, Akuku-Toru Local Government Area and in Port Harcourt town to solemnly pay last respect to my brother, Late Hon. Harold Briggs and to commiserate with the family of Late Madam Elekima George who was today buried in Buguma Town, Asari-Toru Local Government Area of Rivers State. Ma Elekima passed on at the ripe age of 96 to the glory of God.
It is however painful that Harold Briggs died very untimely at the age of 48, but as a people of faith, we leave all to the unfailing wisdom of God Almighty. I sincerely wish their respective immediate families a full emotional healing and speedy relief as they struggle to come to terms with the reality of the deceased’s irreversible absence in their daily lives. May their souls rest in perfect peace.