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Pier Goodmann
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My dear fellow compatriots and Rivers people, I welcome you gladly to this new month of May. Remember, it’s still a year of possibilities and truly every new month heralds new possibilities. Permit me this day to greet you with a message that draws from my undying passion to see a return of that social system that supported the dreams and aspirations of our fathers and mothers; every Rivers man, woman and child.

I do believe that we all understand the extent of our collective fortune and can also relate with our existential problems as Rivers people. Yes, Rivers State is blessed and it’s wonderful to behold that even in our diversity, we remain people of a common history and future, bound together by a shared sense of duty to our base of treasure. So, whatever happens to one happens to the other.

While I recognize that we are each driven by different ideas of how that duty can be fulfilled, let me remind us again that history is not made by men and women who do nothing; history can only be made by men and women who take the right and necessary actions. We all need some true change but the change can only happen if you replace the “self” with the ‘We”; when we all embrace and advance the “WE” Agenda’ philosophy which is about Putting People First.

The “WE” Agenda breaks political boundaries and demands our collective commitment to the message that we all matter. This is the time to speak truth to power; to tell those who need to hear that you matter and that things must be done differently. We are committed to erasing the politics of bitterness and putting down that of hate. And it has to start from you recognising how important it is for you to equip yourself as a voter and prepare to participate in politics and governance.

God bless you and happy new Month my people.

Chief Dumo Lulu-Briggs.