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he riverine Kalabari heroic war procession in honor of great men is a magnificent adventure that emphasizes the beauty of culture. I believe that this and many other celebrated cultural practices of our people will forever sustain the Kalabari spirit of harmony and patriotism.

It was glorious to see our youth display such communal passion with victory chants in colorful boat regattas. I feel very delighted that Alabo Dr. CIT Wokoma; a man who is a total embodiment of success, is duly passing through the sequence of such events of honor into transition.

I thank my people for unitedly putting up the great events. And I am happy that my kids were on ground and witnessed first-hand the beautiful Kalabari cultural displays in honor of their Noble grandfather.

May God Almighty continue to bless our people.

Adieu Alabo Dr. CIT Wokoma

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