Foremost APC stalwart in Rivers State, Chief Dumo Lulu-Briggs, has reacted to this morning’s (Thursday June 14), state broadcast by Gov. Nyesom Wike, accusing Rivers State APC of arming political thugs to disrupt his scheduled June 16, Local Government elections in the state, describing the Governor’s allegations as spurious and an attempt to heat up the polity by raising false alarms, as he is well known for.

Chief Dumo Lulu-Briggs said that “I listened to the theatrical albeit provocative broadcast made by Governor Nyesom Wike today, Thursday June 14, 2019 with a great sense of disappointment that the governor of a cosmopolitan state like Rivers, could alarm his own people so unguardedly.

“The crux of his state broadcast was the illegal Rivers State Local government elections which he has unilaterally slated for Saturday June 16, 2018 and as usual, Mr. Wike went about it in his familiar confrontational manner, like a bull let loose in a China shop, to call names and cast aspersions on  the APC State Chairman, Ojukaye Flag-Amachree, former commissioner of Agriculture, Hon. Emma Chinda and the current Ambassador to Netherlands, Orji Ngofa as the brains behind an alleged plot of his own imagination, that the APC is planning to arm political thugs to disrupt Saturday’s LGA elections in 9 LGAs.

“The Governor named the 9 LGAs as: Abua/Odual, Akuku-Toru, Asari-Toru, Degema, Emohua, Ikwerre,  Onelga, Opobo/Nkoro and Tai specifically.

“I am not in the least surprised because these, among other LGAs are the strongholds of the APC, some of which have in recent times witnessed massive decamping from the PDP into the APC and it is understandable that Governor Wike and his advisers are now sufficiently frightened and rattled to press the panic button and raise unfounded allegations against people who will not even participate in the so-called LGA elections.

“Indeed this spurious allegation is another of Governor Wike’s penchant for raising false alarm as a decoy to his untoward acts unbefitting of his office.

“It is important to remind Governor Wike once again, that the APC has categorically and officially withdrawn from the purported election and distanced itself from the June 16 LGA polls because the party believes that the tenures of APC council chairmen and councillors elected in 2015 still subsist.

“Gov. Wike should concentrate on governance, pay salaries to workers and gratuities to pensioners during the time he has left in Government House. He should stop de-marketing Rivers State with his frequent outbursts, which have now become too frequent to be taken seriously, but only succeeds in heating up the polity and scaring investors” the statement concluded.

DLB Media Team



President Muhammadu Buhari must be commended for the courage and visionary inclination he exhibited in signing the bill into law and giving hope to young Nigerian men and women to fully embrace the democratic process and ensure that democracy thrive in Nigeria.

It is a historic statement proclaiming a progressive and robust endorsement on the future participation of youths and young people in the political processes that shape and define the fortunes of their country, beginning with the 2019 general elections.

Youths between the ages of 21-35 are estimated to make up more than half of our over 180 million population and the Not Too Young To Run law represents a firm commitment and signals a new era of youth inclusion and participation in our governance.

Nigeria needs the energy and innovation of our young people, which they have displayed so amazingly and successfully in sports, entertainment, the arts, academics, business, technology and other callings, both at home and abroad. The time has come for them to apply same in the political arena. This bill provides the veritable platform for them to be fully engaged and integrated in the democratic struggle and governance. It is incumbent on our youths to register, get their PVCs and move on to the next phase of this journey — which is getting their peers and other qualified persons elected into legislative and executive positions.

Nigerian youths must explore practical ways of getting involved in the processes that determine their future by seeing this new law as a comprehensive and holistic document which they can employ in order to maximise their contributions to the development of the society, as well as position themselves to benefit from the opportunities that abound in their environment.

It is important to note that Youthfulness is a fluid concept, sometimes referring to the state of the mind and while this law fundamentally highlights age limits for participation in the various electoral processes, the very participatory and inclusive nature of its composition also means that the youths can be the engine for national development, especially when placed against the fact that in most countries of the world, the youths are often excluded from governance and critical decision making positions of authority.

This law would also address the attitude of fear and insecurity, as a result of the violence that has often characterized our politics, which is a major impediment to the contributions of the youths in making the Nigeria political environment better. They should be encouraged to move from the sidelines into the main playing fields; to embrace the philosophy that often, what ought to be can never be for free. This bill should also inspire them to get fully involved as volunteers and join in the socio/political activities of the system, offering their skills and competence to help build and sustain democracy in Nigeria.

The law should also spur our youths to be part of the democratic agenda by belonging to political parties as registered members, engage and embrace the basic civic responsibilities of political participation and begin to see themselves as stakeholders and key players who embrace the value of responsibility as the motivation for aspiration instead of the self-limitating attitude that political participation is meant for a select breed of people.

Finally, the Not too young to run law, will provide a platform for youths to strive to be active participants in the system since power will not be handed over to them on a platter of gold. Nigerian youths are actually the country’s greatest resource and it is the intelligence, talents and energy of the youth that will help develop our dear country.

~ Dumo Lulu-Briggs


Come stand with Rivers progressives, all who are genuinely outraged by the rapid regression in our Education, Agriculture, security and economy. Come stand with APC, all who truly desire change; let us work unitedly and take advantage of the great opportunities that abound in our great country Nigeria. Let us now part ways with those parochial sentiments that inhibit our chances of growth and development, and make it about ideas.

Come stand with this great party in Rivers State, all of you who seek quality education for your children, affordable housing, business ownership, guaranteed civil liberties, effective justice system and security. Come stand with APC if you seek to have the tools to succeed in this very highly competitive 21st century. Stand with this group of visionary men and women who are determined to lift Rivers State to an enviable height.

Together, let us fight the regressive forces that haunt our collective success. I want to be part of the history that records how Rivers State became great again with the kind of successes that resonate with the signs and symbols of an industrialized world. Come now let us reason and work together in love and in truth.

Together, we shall Change Rivers State for the better!

Dumo Lulu-Briggs


Today, May 12, 2018 marks another significant threshold in our committed effort, as the All Progressives Congress – APC Rivers state, under the distinguished, dedicated, dynamic and undisputed leadership of Rt. Hon. Chibuike Rotimi Amaechi to consolidate our desire towards entrenching true democracy in Rivers State and enthroning a progressive people-oriented government that would ensure that the interest and welfare of our people take centre stage in all our activities.

Following the very transparent and hugely successful wards congresses last week, we again embarked on and accomplished another ground breaking exercise, with the very credible, visibly transparent and extremely successful Local Government Congress in Akuku Toru Local government area, today May 12, 2018.

We are indeed very happy with the conduct of the elections, the convival atmosphere that reigned during the process and the brotherly love that was exhibited by the contestants and all their supporters who thronged the venue of the congress and virtually transformed the exercise into a happy, carnivalesque gathering of one big, United family.

What transpired today has further established the now obvious fact which am sure you all know, that the APC is now the conscience of Rivers State and that this is democracy in action. Everybody took part in this process and everybody is pleased. There is magnanimity and unity of purpose amongst us and I want to state categorically and confidently that in Akuku-Toru local government area we have no issues. You can see that from the mammoth crowd that turned out for the exercise. Delegates were given the free will to exercise their franchise and they decided that they had full confidence in the Executives of the LGA that have represented the party in the past tenure and almost all of them were returned unopposed. The spirit of togetherness was electrifying and you could feel the frenzy of excitment, conviction and belief in the atmosphere. I’m sure that all those who witness the exercise were at some point overwhelmed by the excitment and were very happy for us.

I have no doubts whatsoever that if you are a party person or if for some reason you want to play politics, you would have been completely convinced to want to join the APC based on what transpired during the Akuku-Toru Local government congress today. There was joy and happiness on the countenance of all who witnessed and participated in the exercise and even I must confess that I haven’t seen this level of collective unity, harmony and sense of togetherness in Akuku-Toru local government before. Indeed Akuku-Toru local government sent out a clear signal and message today that it is an APC local government.

I remember commenting last week, after the unquestionable success of the wards congresses across the AKULGA that, if for any reason we don’t make a 100% because that is always impossible in politics, we will get close to a 100%. That is how people have felt and are now translating their need for a change in Rivers State and Akuku-Toru through their votes and we are going to have it here a 100%.

It is also important to note that while our confidence is unwavering, especially given the courageous and unflinching committment of our party leader, the Rt. Hon. Chibuike Rotimi Amaechi to lead ftom the front and ensure full control and compliance with the party’s guidelines in all our activities, I am also not unmindful of the fact that in every large family you expect to have a few issues cropping up in respect to the advocacy for certain interests. This is only natural when matters that are internal family issues need to be addressed, especially in the season of politics like we are in now. But I am fully confident and assured that with the clear foresight and strategic vision of our leader to position the APC as the party of choice come 2019, those issues shall be resolved at the appropriate time and we would come out stronger and face the common opponent PDP with full throttle and wrest control from PDP so that we can begin to put Rivers State on the path of greatness.

I congratulate all those who won their elections as our Local Government Executives in AKULGA. I congratulate my good and peace-loving brothers and sisters from Akuku-Toru for making our party APC proud and ensuring that this exercise was an unparalleled success. We have raised the bar and set down a marker for the next round of politics in the st   ate. Together we shall march triumphantly to victory in 2019.

God bless All Progressives Congress – APC
God bless Rivers State.




What is the real value of the money you receive on Election Day, in order to cast your vote for a candidate?

Note that the money you receive is all you will be paid in the 4 years the candidate will be in office. He has paid you in advance for 4 years service.

1. 365 dys x 4 yrs = 1460 days.

#10001460 = 68 kobo per day.

That is the value of the vote you sold, over 4 years.

2. You receive #500.
500 1460 = 34 kobo per day

3. You receive #200 to vote
200 1460 = 13 kobo per day

The question is how much do you value yourself? Is that what you are worth? They have bought your silence so that they and their children can live well. Can you live on 13 kobo per day or even 68 kobo per day? Tom Tom sweet is 10 naira think twice before u decide. God bless Nigeria.

Get your PVC and vote wisely!!!



I was greatly honoured on Monday 5th March 2018, when members of the Kalabari True Patriots visited me and handed over a communique where they had unanimously decided to endorse me as their Kalabari son to contest the 2019 Rivers state governorship election.

It was a humbling experience for me and I praised the courage of these brave Kalabari sons and daughters and expressed gratitude to them for finding me worthy of their endorsement.

I was particularly happy that the Kalabari Students Union was duly represented among the groups that came and that the ‘Kalabari True Patriots’ midwifed the whole process. I feel much honored that as a Kalabari man; as a Rivers man, they found me worthy of this very high responsibility.

I say it is a high responsibility because this is asking for the highest office that is available in the land. I almost for the first time in my life was unable to find words to give expression to my feelings, given the enormity of the responsibility attached to the call and the deep recognition that I have been given by young people from my own ethnic extraction in Rivers State.

I was indeed overwhelmed that Kalabari youths cutting across all shades of political divide in Rivers state came together for this purpose, subjugating their different political inclinations to identify with just one person, who perhaps belongs to a different political association. So, it’s an enormous sacrifice that these youths have made already.

I equally used the opportunity of the visit by the Kalabari True Patriots, to thank the leader of our great party, the All Progressives Congress APC, Rt. Hon. Chibuike Rotimi Amaechi who has said that the governorship should go to the Riverine. In the APC we are united under one Supreme God, one leader, one party and with unity of purpose, I know that we are going to have several victories. So, I thank him for that resolve that distinguishes him as an unparalleled statesman.

I also made it clear to them that Kalabari are not the only qualified people in Rivers state and that every Rivers person that meets the requirements of our Constitution is qualified to become governor. But i reminded them also that our founding fathers had devised an ingenious method that has worked well for us; that ensures that we live together harmoniously and so it is therefore noble that a notable personality from a major ethnic nationality; the Ikwerre Ethnic Nationality is saying that the governorship has resided in the upland since 1999 and he believes, he thinks, he wants and he is going to fight to ensure that it goes to the Riverine.

That is the mark of greatness which our leader Rt. Hon. Chibuike Rotimi Amaechi has displayed.

I want to use this opportunity therefore, to thank the members of the Kalabari True Patriots for the honour done me with their endorsement and also assure them that I will always stand by what our party and indeed Rivers people eventually decide on the matter.



“What opportunities are given to the people by their governments? We have to create opportunity for all, so that the corresponding expectations of responsibility from all, is deserved. Politicians who have been lucky to form governments have deliberately weakened our institutions to escape accountability.



Akuku-Toru is a legendary Local government Area in Rivers State that is sufficiently blessed with great men, heroes and geniuses of all time. It is a political entity seated in the Kalabari Ancient kingdom of Rivers State. AKULGA, as it is popularly known is adorned with viable human and material resources. It has a record of fame that reverberates through the length and breadth of Nigeria. The task of providing accurate numerical statistics of the AKULGA sons and daughters who are making waves in Nigerian politics and have written their names in gold will indeed be huge.

The matchless depth of political consciousness, zeal and participatory spirit in AKULGA are what stands her out in the midst of the 23 LGAs in Rivers State. Indeed, Akulgans are ready; I dare say that the dream of change is truly alive in that great LGA. The cheery faces of the ever vibrant queens of AKULGA affirms the above statement; the agility that is ceaselessly displayed by the spirited sons of AKULGA in all the progressive gatherings in the LGA and the massive turnout of the people, simply tell the story of a local Government that has fully embraced the mantra of change and is determined to be instrumental to the victory at sight.

The day’s meeting began with a soul lifting prayer from the senatorial woman leader Hon. Mrs. Ngoba Karibi whyte; followed by a succinct speech by Hon. Tubotamuno Dabiri, Chairman of AKULGA APC who in his speech of consolidation, declared that Dumo Lulu-Briggs is a blessing to the AKULGA APC; one that is relentless in taking care of the party in AKULGA. He further stated with much emphasis that Amaechi is the Supreme leader of the party as he echoed the famous maxim, “Amaechi leads” and the response was, “AKULGA follows.” “Our time to take over is now and we shall take over come 2019”, he said.

Statement from Christian Don Pedro Party leader, reads: “With this marmot crowd, we are going to take over Rivers State come 2019. Politics is not a do or die affair, Akulgans from all political divides must shun political violence and thuggery. Be rest assured that threats to life in the name of politics will not be condoned in 2019. Reach out to the people and encourage them to come out. Our Hon. Minister, Rt. Hon. Chibuike Rotimi Amaechi, Cannot satisfy everyone in terms of empowerment but if we take over the brick house, economic opportunities shall be provided for people to put their individual talents and skills to use.”

Chief Hon. Samuel Georgewill Theodore stated thus: “that APC is taking over in 2019 is not in doubt. All that remains is our collective efforts and determination to continue in the spirit of oneness and love. God has ordained Dumo Lulu-Briggs; we are very proud of this illustrious son of Rivers State. The party will continue to go forward and not backwards.”

Hon. Onari Brown, former leader of Akuku-Toru APC, had the following to say: “I am grateful to you my fellow party faithfuls in AKULGA, you stood by me all through my reign as the leader of the party, I thank you. I give my total support to the new leader. United we stand and divided we fall. We must encourage those things that unite us and not those that divide us. APC will succeed in 2019.”

In what can be termed a firm and profound declaration, Prof. Chief. Owunari Georgewill, stated that APC is in charge of the federal government, hence Rivers State must be APC.”

The meeting wounded up with an inspiring and wisdom filled speech by Chief Dumo Lulu-Briggs. He said:
“We are going to mobilize the Akuku-Toru spirit behind the All Progressives Congress. It makes me happy to see that AKULGA APC is united and forward looking. I am proud of AKULGA leaders for the display of maturity and understanding. We must know that 2019 is very defining; institutions in Rivers State are collapsing, but APC is determined to redeem all. We are going to align the state with the center. We are no longer going to play opposition politics. With the capacity we have shown, we are going to walk right into the government house with ease. Your APC card is as important as your PVC. Inside the APC, your registration card is very important and in the federation; for your electoral value and for the exercise of your franchise, your PVC is very important. For those who are yet to have the two cards, go now and register. We want a Rivers State that will work for everyone. We shall make sure our children go to school. We have no greater responsibility, than to educate the next generation. No more guns! It is time for government to recognize your efforts, and APC is willing to provide the avenue. Therefore, go home, spread the good news, let the people know that the day of reckoning has come. We must all sign up for APC and help her bring back the glory of Rivers State.

The mantra remains:
One God – God Almighty
One state – Rivers State
One party – APC and
One leader – The Rt. Hon. Chibuike Rotimi Amaechi.”

“We have one leader in the All Progressives Congress, Rivers State chapter and indeed, the south south. We are satisfied with the leadership of Rt. Hon. Chibuike Rotimi Amaechi. Let me state with all sincerity that he is a compassionate friend, he is a good man and a courageous leader. And he is a great blessing to the APC; one that will lead us to the promised land.

“Amaechi leads! The people responded in affirmation; “We follow”.

Chief Dumo Lulu-Briggs concluded by making cash donations to each of the wards in the LGA to help with the workings of the party.

13th November 2017


November 10, a day that shook the world; a day we cannot forget. A day that the sun dimmed and sorrow besieged the heart of the offsprings of Jim Wiwa and the entire Ogoni descendants. A day that dampened the spirit and the hope of the Niger Delta people for glory; a day that fear and uncertainty became our companions.

The great Kenule Beeson Saro-Wiwa, the son of Jim Wiwa, only wanted the good life for the good people of Ogoni and for the entire Niger Delta region.

He wanted equity and fairness in the distribution of our commonwealth which by nature is sourced from our rich soil.

And for this cause, he and other heroes of the land, made the ultimate sacrifice and paid the supreme price.

Farewell our unforgettable heroes: Saturday Dobee, Nordu Eawo, Daniel Gbooko, Paul Levera, Felix Nuate, Baribor Bera, Barinem Kiobel, and John Kpuine.

The great Ken may have separated from his corporeal form and departed the mundane world, but we believe that he only transited to glory, as his deeds and legendary legacy are forever engraved in the sands of history.

Today, our hope is rekindled by the fact that more Kenules have emerged from the same Ogoni land and from the Niger Delta.

We take solace in the fact that the philosophy of Ken Saro-Wiwa has birthed more heroes.

The Bori people celebrate Ken Saro-Wiwa, the entire Ogoniland celebrate Ken Saro-Wiwa, Rivers State celebrates Ken Saro-Wiwa, Nigeria celebrates Ken Saro-Wiwa and the DLB family do heartily celebrate the unforgotten and unforgettable Hero of Africa; the great Ken Saro-Wiwa.

May this day constantly remind us of the need to remain united in one God, one state and one cause.

Adieu Ken Saro-Wiwa.

10th November 2017


President Muhammadu Buhari has been commended for his continued commitment to the overall development of the Niger Delta Region in spite of the current economic crunch facing the country.

The commendation was contained in a statement issued in Port Harcourt by a top member of the All Progressive Congress (APC) in Rivers State, Chief Dumo Lulu-Briggs.

Chief Dumo Lulu-Briggs who was reacting to the 2018 budget estimates presented by President Buhari to the joint session of the National Assembly in Abuja on Tuesday, as it    affects the Niger Delta Region, expressed happiness over budgetary allocations of more than N17 Billion for the completion of the East/West Road in 2018 as well as the Federal Government Amnesty programme which would gulp over N65 Billion in the coming fiscal year.

He was full of praises for the President Buhari led administration for its promise to pursue with vigour the full implementation the Ogoni clean-up exercise and the execution of the Multi-Billion Naira Bomu-Bonny road project which according to the President, when completed would open up the economic potentials of the Niger Delta Region beyond the shores of Nigeria.


Other highpoints of the 2018 budget estimates as it relates to the Niger Delta Region include the extension of Rail line to Warri in Delta State and the increase in the budgetary allocation of the Ministry of Niger Delta Affairs to the tune of over N57 Billion.

Chief Dumo Lulu-Briggs noted with optimism that all the projects that were earmarked for the Niger Delta Region as captured in the 2018 budget estimates would no doubt go a long way in fast tracking the hitherto infrastructural decay that had bedeviled the region in the past.

The APC party stalwart called on all warring communities in the region to sheathe their sword and support the President who he said demonstrated high level of sincerity towards the development of the Niger Delta.

Chief Dumo Lulu-Briggs attributed the current peace being witnessed in the region to the combined efforts of the security agencies, traditional rulers, elders, opinion leaders, religious leaders, stakeholders and the youths who laid down their arms to embrace the Federal Government Amnesty programme.


He added that there was no alternative to peaceful coexistence among the various ethnic nationalities in the South-South geo-political zone and urged all and sundry to give peace a chance.