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Pier Goodmann
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“Registering with INEC is a precondition to determine our future and the future of the coming generation. If we must form part of governance, and if we must exercise the legitimacy of demanding our rights as citizens of the Republic, we must get our permanent voters card.”
It is an indubitable fact that as an electorate, you have no voice to decide the kind of leadership you want if you do not have the card to vote during elections. Indeed, the substance of your citizenship is mainly imbedded in your ownership of the voters’ card.
And it is for the stated reason that the ever conscious and patriotic Rivers politician, Chief Dumo Lulu-Briggs, advises the general public to utilize this chance as provided by the Federal Government to register and gain their franchise.
“We can’t continue to sit back and complain about bad governance; we must all be active participants in this project of nation building. Yes, we have reasons to be indifferent to political matters but what essence can we attach to our existence in a sociopolitical formation if we can’t exercise the tiniest bit of faith in our system? Time to do away with apathy is now, time to restore our faith in our fatherland and rekindle our hope for the future is now. Go now and register, your voters card is your voice!” Dumo Lulu-Briggs advises.
Uche E. Woke