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Pier Goodmann
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He is a result driven person with a high level of entrepreneurial spirit. He is positive about life and believes that everyone has something to offer.
For Rivers State, he believes that opportunities abounds; hence, whoever is given the chance to lead must explore individual capacities and create an enabling environment for businesses to thrive.
He is a youth development advocate. For him, a society without quality youths is on a very slow ride to development. He considers ICT as one of the future’s paramount sources of revenue.
So, he will do the following:
1. Explore the environment for alternative sources of revenue;  with focus on agriculture, entertainment, tourism, etc.
2. Revamp our educational system to include vocational trainings, Guidance and counseling centers for character reformation through career guidance and discouragement of maladjusted behaviors; drug abuse, other social vices, etc.
3. Discourage criminality and make it financially unattractive by returning value to education and dignity to labor. He will create a society that rewards educational labour and commitment to sound behavior and honesty.
NB: This is in fulfillment of one of his prominent slogans ‘Take away the guns and replace them with pens’.
4. Device avenues for skills acquisition and capacity development and create opportunities for youths to participate in all sectors of the society.
5. Give priority to Information and Communication Technology by engaging experts and creating openings for massive participation in specific computer science programmes.
6. Emphasize the need for nurturing the environment through developing effective means of tackling environmental pollution and enhancing the beauty of the environment.
Finally, Chief Dumo Lulu-Briggs believes that the state is a contractual creation that is purposed basically for human safety and comfort. Governance should therefore be informed by such a philosophy that focuses on the pursuit of happiness. Man must have the society where he can freely live in peace, experience joy and enjoy the good things of life as long as his actions don’t contravene the laws.
Leadership must be about service to humanity. All classes within the society must feel the impact of governance.