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Pier Goodmann
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Come stand with Rivers progressives, all who are genuinely outraged by the rapid regression in our Education, Agriculture, security and economy. Come stand with APC, all who truly desire change; let us work unitedly and take advantage of the great opportunities that abound in our great country Nigeria. Let us now part ways with those parochial sentiments that inhibit our chances of growth and development, and make it about ideas.

Come stand with this great party in Rivers State, all of you who seek quality education for your children, affordable housing, business ownership, guaranteed civil liberties, effective justice system and security. Come stand with APC if you seek to have the tools to succeed in this very highly competitive 21st century. Stand with this group of visionary men and women who are determined to lift Rivers State to an enviable height.

Together, let us fight the regressive forces that haunt our collective success. I want to be part of the history that records how Rivers State became great again with the kind of successes that resonate with the signs and symbols of an industrialized world. Come now let us reason and work together in love and in truth.

Together, we shall Change Rivers State for the better!

Dumo Lulu-Briggs