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Pier Goodmann
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An Ikwerre traditional adage says; give a good man salt meant for the community during raining season and watch how he jealously protects it with his life.
The search for a true servant-leader will soon anchor.
Honestly, something is not right about Rivers State presently, it is the reality that stares us all on the face. The opposite political family that we know does not seek good life of it’s citizens and today’s politics as we know does not appear as what we envisaged. Indeed, it has been debased, nauseating and repugnant. which is why good people, savant-leader like High Chief Barrister Dumo Lulu-Briggs should be vested with the noble course of fashioning out the constitutional order for the people.
This is my personal opinion, call me petrifying and derogatory names I will only give you one of my best I-don’t-care winkes.
High Chief Dumo Lulu-Briggs, the Rotarian, the downtrodden delight and hope; and the embodiment of the key essentials of a remarkable leader is the reflective anchor.
A devoted youths capacity development addict who is unflinching in taking decisive very touch decisions. Has empathy, guiding subordinates through challenges,  he is always admirably focused, persistently planning ahead and most importantly is his unquestionable commitment to changing the fortunes of his dear Rivers State. His disposition belies the Dumo Lulu-Briggs that has a blunt steel character and has never being afraid going against the current of time.
Unlike most politicians who lack convictions of a stable society, Chief Dumo has kept faith,  and is faithfuly serving to implement those critical angles of restructuring. A man with a large heart,  the Ikwerres call him “Badu Ohna”- man of the people. He has the memory of the Fox – he never forgets a promise. He is highly schooled in public administration and valuable governance.
Experience, not necessarily  age can be of benefit. But Dumo is combining both for the craft of the State.
Chief Dumo fears an eminent revolution of the oppressed and deprived in Rivers State. To him, it is delusional to think it can’t happen when unemployed youths and the indigents are trampled upon on daily basis by the present government. But is this what has galvanized his social commitment to the poor and needy?. Are his economic and social policies more propelled by enlightened self interest or self preservation?. His concerns looks unique and genuine, considering the passion, with which he tackles the sentive issue of job creation. To a very large extent, the consequences might have also pushed him to continuously and tirelessly work at bettering the lot of the poor and physical development.
The empowerment scheme for the less privileged within the under-developed communities of the State is also informed by his compassion and a perspective fear of what might be, if their situation, alienation and deprivation are not addressed.
Dumo once said,  “violence can generate through gross negligence, it may not be religion, but obviously between the rich and the poor and the rich will be judged by the quality of clothes he wears, the kind of house he lives, the class of cars he drives and the environment where he lives”. To him, it is a very frightening future if the life of the rural and urban poor is not improved upon.
Let’s prepare the ship and her captain for sail.
– Sir Rowland Orlu wrote from Port Harcourt