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Today, May 12, 2018 marks another significant threshold in our committed effort, as the All Progressives Congress – APC Rivers state, under the distinguished, dedicated, dynamic and undisputed leadership of Rt. Hon. Chibuike Rotimi Amaechi to consolidate our desire towards entrenching true democracy in Rivers State and enthroning a progressive people-oriented government that would ensure that the interest and welfare of our people take centre stage in all our activities.

Following the very transparent and hugely successful wards congresses last week, we again embarked on and accomplished another ground breaking exercise, with the very credible, visibly transparent and extremely successful Local Government Congress in Akuku Toru Local government area, today May 12, 2018.

We are indeed very happy with the conduct of the elections, the convival atmosphere that reigned during the process and the brotherly love that was exhibited by the contestants and all their supporters who thronged the venue of the congress and virtually transformed the exercise into a happy, carnivalesque gathering of one big, United family.

What transpired today has further established the now obvious fact which am sure you all know, that the APC is now the conscience of Rivers State and that this is democracy in action. Everybody took part in this process and everybody is pleased. There is magnanimity and unity of purpose amongst us and I want to state categorically and confidently that in Akuku-Toru local government area we have no issues. You can see that from the mammoth crowd that turned out for the exercise. Delegates were given the free will to exercise their franchise and they decided that they had full confidence in the Executives of the LGA that have represented the party in the past tenure and almost all of them were returned unopposed. The spirit of togetherness was electrifying and you could feel the frenzy of excitment, conviction and belief in the atmosphere. I’m sure that all those who witness the exercise were at some point overwhelmed by the excitment and were very happy for us.

I have no doubts whatsoever that if you are a party person or if for some reason you want to play politics, you would have been completely convinced to want to join the APC based on what transpired during the Akuku-Toru Local government congress today. There was joy and happiness on the countenance of all who witnessed and participated in the exercise and even I must confess that I haven’t seen this level of collective unity, harmony and sense of togetherness in Akuku-Toru local government before. Indeed Akuku-Toru local government sent out a clear signal and message today that it is an APC local government.

I remember commenting last week, after the unquestionable success of the wards congresses across the AKULGA that, if for any reason we don’t make a 100% because that is always impossible in politics, we will get close to a 100%. That is how people have felt and are now translating their need for a change in Rivers State and Akuku-Toru through their votes and we are going to have it here a 100%.

It is also important to note that while our confidence is unwavering, especially given the courageous and unflinching committment of our party leader, the Rt. Hon. Chibuike Rotimi Amaechi to lead ftom the front and ensure full control and compliance with the party’s guidelines in all our activities, I am also not unmindful of the fact that in every large family you expect to have a few issues cropping up in respect to the advocacy for certain interests. This is only natural when matters that are internal family issues need to be addressed, especially in the season of politics like we are in now. But I am fully confident and assured that with the clear foresight and strategic vision of our leader to position the APC as the party of choice come 2019, those issues shall be resolved at the appropriate time and we would come out stronger and face the common opponent PDP with full throttle and wrest control from PDP so that we can begin to put Rivers State on the path of greatness.

I congratulate all those who won their elections as our Local Government Executives in AKULGA. I congratulate my good and peace-loving brothers and sisters from Akuku-Toru for making our party APC proud and ensuring that this exercise was an unparalleled success. We have raised the bar and set down a marker for the next round of politics in the st   ate. Together we shall march triumphantly to victory in 2019.

God bless All Progressives Congress – APC
God bless Rivers State.