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Pier Goodmann
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It was very solemn.
Today, without formal ceremonies or celebrations, the Young Briggs House of Abonnema placed me on the century-old Young Briggs stool and presented me to the Oruwari War Canoe House of Abonnema as the Ini-ikeiroari VI. My presentation to the Abonnema Council of Chiefs shall take place soon by the grace of God. The formal ceremonies shall also take place after we have laid my father, the Ini-ikeiroari V, and Paramount Head of the Oruwari War Canoe House of Abonnema to rest early next year. A date shall be announced soon. By the special grace of God, the process of uniting the Oruwari House and Abonnema in general has started in earnest.
I am grateful to God for his enduring grace and blessings. And I am delightedly thankful to my family Chiefs, men, women, and youths who have demonstrated their invaluable confidence in me. I pray for God’s divine wisdom and mercy as I commit myself earnestly to the task of offering sincere and productive leadership for the good of my people, to the service of mankind, and to the glory of God.